Malaysia and the use of blockchain to verify and trace the halal meat circuit

Tehran (IQNA) – One of the biggest issues regarding halal certifications is brand authenticity. As a leader in the Halal industry, Malaysia is looking to achieve this through new technologies that would make it easier for businesses and their customers to access truly Halal products. “Blockchain” is a system of recording and reporting. Its difference … Read more

Ticketmaster chooses Flow blockchain for its NFT tickets

After yesterday, the official arrival of NFT on Facebook and Instagramhere’s another mainstream player lifting the veil a bit more on its NFT-related activities: Ticketmaster announced today that it has been testing NFT ticketing for the past six months. According to Unscramble, the Flow blockchain was chosen for these tests. These very special NFT tickets … Read more

How Societe Generale explores the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain

21 Million Premium is a bi-weekly newsletter with high added value simply explained. It is intended for investors and is suitable for both beginners and specialists. For only 6.90 euros per month and without obligation receive weekly exclusive decryptions to understand the main issues, price analysis provided by recognized financial experts, tests of crypto services … Read more

Ripple Stopped in Its Tracks – There will be no real estate on the blockchain in Colombia

I love it when a plan goes smoothly – Oops! Not right now. Rippling won’t be able to place this famous punchline. No way, not yet! His real estate tokenization project Yippee set aside. A 180 degree turn of the government The basic idea is good. Tokenize Colombian real estate to facilitate transactions, verify sale … Read more

Binance and FTX to Help Busan Become a ‘Global Digital Finance Hub’

Busan will receive technology and infrastructure support from Binance and FTX to develop the blockchain ecosystem in South Korea’s major port city and promote the Busan Digital Asset Exchange. Platform Binance specializing in exchange cryptocurrencies plans to develop and support the blockchain industry in Busan City in several ways, including the use of the Blockchain … Read more

Binance to offer free blockchain courses to rural women in Morocco

A seduction operation under the guise of charity? Three months after his stormy visit to Morocco, billionaire Changpeng Zhao (aka CZ), the founder and president of Binance, through his philanthropic branch Binance Charity, is launching an international outreach program for the benefit of women from vulnerable communities, including the Kingdom. Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency … Read more

Can Proprivex outperform Ethereum and Avalanche succeed as a blockchain ecosystem

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn Records are essential in any organization or sphere for their content and as evidence of communication, decisions, actions and history. Records will not only ensure that information of vital historical, tax and legal value is identified and preserved, but will also help provide access to essential information to guide future … Read more

Has blockchain also found its place in business?

September 3, 2022 Today in 06:00 Blockchain, heralded as revolutionary, is trying to convince in business. Too high expectations or irrelevant technology? Try to answer. Blockchain was on everyone’s lips a few months ago. All the companies went there with their project using this technology from “blocks” and decentralization, known mainly through cryptocurrencies, but whose … Read more

This week in news history, August 28

A medieval folding chair discovered in Germany, a huge Roman phallus statue found in Spain, an 800-year-old murder victim discovered in England. A folding chair found in a 1,400-year-old grave of an elite woman in southern Germany Bavarian State Office for the Preservation of MonumentsThe chair was discovered in the Middle Franconia region of Bavaria … Read more