5 treasures of Japanese animation that you should definitely discover on Netflix

If you like animated movies, go to Japan. We offer you a selection of 5 animated feature films from the land of the rising sun.

In terms of animated film production, Japan is a benchmark today. After understanding this trend, Netflix programs a wealth of feature films made in this East Asian country in its catalog. If you’re in the mood for a treat, here are the 5 best grains of gold you should see.

Tokyo Godfathers

This wonderful film is directed by the charismatic late Satoshi Kon. In this feature film, we follow the everyday life of three crazy characters. They are Gin, a completely crushed man, Miyuki, an uncontrolled teenager, and Hana, a transgender woman.

Without a home, the three live on the streets of Tokyo. One Christmas Eve during their walk, they discover an abandoned baby on a pile of rubbish. Next to the newborn, they also find a station locker key.

Affected by what they saw, they decide to find the mother of the abandoned baby, whom they call Kiyoko, who is “pure child”. Thanks to this action, the lives of these three homeless people are changing rapidly. This movie has been released since 2003.


The production of this film, which airs on Netflix on April 28, is a team of competent actors. On the production side, this task was handed over to Tetsurô Araki. He is precisely the man who was the mastermind behind the cult film Attack on Titan.

As for the script, Gen Urobuchi managed it. Takeshi Obata was asked to work on the character design. As a reminder, he is the designer of the manga Death Note. Bubble lets us discover Tokyo in a different form.

This city is filled with groups of bubbles competing daily for buildings. To find out more about this movie, go to Netflix.

I want to eat your pancreas

With this title, we imagine what you are already thinking. A horror movie, scary and violent. However, “I want to eat your pancreas” is far from all these dramatic ideas. One had to visualize the content to realize the moving and sensitive story behind this feature film. And above all, do not hold back your tears, let yourself be carried away.

This movie tells us the story of Sakura, a well-liked young high school girl. One day, one of his curious comrades encounters his diary and discovers a sad news story. In fact, Sakura has only a few months of life ahead of her.

Thanks to this secret, the two form a friendship and feel very close. Because of their attachment, Sakura one day suggests to her friend that they stay together for the rest of her life.

Far from me, near you

“Far from me, close to you” certainly brings to mind a love story. Instantly you won. This is the story of Miyo Sasaki, a young middle school girl who fell in love with one of her classmates named Kento Hinode.

Unfortunately, the feelings are not mutual. Despite the efforts and strategies that Miyo Sasaki has implemented, she is not noticed by her lover. In her reflection, she encounters an idea.

She is thinking of using a mask that will turn her into a cat (Taro). Which allows him to get closer to Kento Hinode. But she has one concern. By using this mask daily, it may lose its original shape.

Your name

Originality, atmosphere, excitement, all the ingredients are present in this animated film, so you can enjoy a unique moment of entertainment. In this saga, we follow the story of the teenager Mitsuha.

Tired of being stuck in her traditional family, she dreams of a free life in Tokyo. In her dream, she finds herself in the skin of a young high school student named Taki. The latter lives in Tokyo and spends most of his time working at an Italian restaurant and with his friends.

But paradoxically, Mitsuha discovers that this young man, unlike her, is dreaming of a less free life. He wants to be surrounded by his traditional family.

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