A millionaire disguises himself as a homeless man and arrives at his fiancée’s house before the wedding: today’s story

Richard Gray was an impressive young man who, despite the wealth of his parents, was humble and caring, enabling him to meet his fiancée. Unfortunately, it did not go as planned after the millionaire appeared in front of his girlfriend and pretended to be homeless.

The Gray family was known for its wealth. Some said they could buy all the houses in Beverly Hills for their money. Their history dates back to the 18th century, and although many people have come and gone, they have managed to preserve their aristocracy.

Richard was the only child of his parents, Franco and Leah Gray. The couple had waited several years before getting it. As expected, they then spent their money and time making him a better man.

Richard pretended to be homeless to surprise his fiancée in her bad attitude | Source: Shutterstock

Richard was tall, handsome, refined and he had black hair. Well educated, he had everything to please. In addition, he was really good at conducting conversations, regardless of the topic.

When he was a high school student, he was quite popular and loved by students and teachers. In college, it was the same.

Richard was not only famous for his looks but also for his gentlemanly side. He never behaved like a spoiled child; the young man often showed kindness and empathy.

He brought joy to many, and the grays could not be more proud to show their perfect son above all. But while they felt immense joy in the man they had brought up, they were suspicious of his future.

The couple aspired to have grandchildren. They wanted Richard to find a suitable wife and have children. Leah especially dreamed of toy soldiers, as she called them, and could not wait for that to happen.

She once shouted at her husband, who warned her against nagging their son about it. “I do not understand you, Franco, maybe you die before me and you do not mind never seeing your baby?” she wondered.

In college, Richard was not only famous for his good looks or wit, but also for his gentlemanly side | Source: Pexel

“Oh stop that darling! I want the best for him like you, but let him take his time. Finding love is not so easy these days,” Franco replied.

“Pffftttt! People get married every day Franco, every day!” cried the impatient mother. “Getting married and starting a family are two different stages, and our boy has not even gone into the first one,” Leah added.

Franco’s words did not change anything for Leah. When she had the opportunity to see Richie, she never failed to tell him about her concern about not seeing her children until she died.

After those conversations, the 36-year-old said, “But mom, I’m trying to find the right girl. These days, it’s too hard to figure out who really likes you.”

And Richard was right. His wealth made his search for a soulmate difficult. By her standards, she must be willing to commit, be compassionate, and submit, not because of her money, but for the sake of a successful marriage.

In fact, the man wanted to maintain a healthy relationship. While making a list of what his dream woman should be, he is ready to be the best version of himself and is not afraid to change for her. However, she had to be his Cinderella, the woman who would make his heart beat faster.

Richard met Marlene, a beautiful woman building a model | Source: Pexel

No one knew when that would happen. Not even Richard. Still, it happened faster than he had expected. He met Marlene, a beautiful woman with a model building. He was seduced by her looks and intelligence. To him, she was the perfect woman.

At the same time, Richie wanted to seduce Marlene’s heart. She was not easy to impress, but in the end, the beautiful bachelor managed to make her fall in love with him.

A few months after several dates and the delivery of flowers right outside the door, the Gray heir asked the question of a million dollars. He planned a big courtship and he got the answer he wanted.

Marlene was ready to be his bride with a giant gem on her finger. The couple moved in together and Richard supported his fiance.

He learned that the woman was raising money for an orphanage. It warms his heart. For Richard, his lover met all the conditions, and there was no one he would rather be with.

He sponsored some of his fundraising projects. He would help her succeed as much as she wanted. But this beautiful love story quickly turned sour when the man decided to test his perfect Cinderella.

One sunny morning, Richard was busy emptying the trunk of his car and tidying up the garage when he saw Marlene pushing an elderly homeless man who had knocked on the front door. She pushed him aside and answered him rudely.

Richard quickly contacted a private detective named Sarah as he wanted to be sure of his partner | Source: Pexel

This actually shocked the fiance. When he was first in the office, he called an orphanage where his partner claimed to provide financial assistance. To her surprise, they know nothing about her and did not know about her project.

The man therefore quickly contacted a private detective named Sarah. He wanted to be sure of his partner; they were to be married soon. But what he discovered disappointed him. However, he was not ready to give up.

According to the detective, Marlene was not a real fundraiser. What she was doing was cheating people into stealing their hard earned money. She never helped any organization and only cared about herself.

Still, Richard was not ready to forget her. So he pretended to be a beggar, dressed ragged with makeup to hide his face, and turned to Marlene.

When she saw the poor man on her porch, she immediately sent him away. “Get away from my property, you idiot! You detest me!” It mattered to him whether he was begging for water or food.

Two days later, the man did the same thing again, pretending to be homeless. But before she could show her lack of empathy, he wiped her makeup off and revealed her identity while confronting Marlene that he knew all about her true nature.

“I know everything about you, Marlene. Do not think it’s even your real name, but what does that mean for me?” said the indignant man.

Marlene felt confused and excited and said, “I’m so sorry, Richard, I can explain. It’s, it’s, it’s, not what you think.”

Without hesitation, Richard angrily grabbed her arms and ordered her to leave her house, saying, “I do not know what to think anymore, I just want you to leave my house and my life!”

Shortly after the incident, the woman was arrested, and a few months later, Richie and Sarah began dating, but this time he promised not to rush things.

A few months later, after Marlene was arrested, Richie and Sarah began dating Source: Pexel

What can we learn from this story?

  • It is important to criticize one’s own choices. Richard wanted to get to know his fiancée better, even though he had asked her to marry him. When he noticed her behavior, he took action.
  • Parents should avoid putting pressure on their children. Children need a few encouraging words and advice, but parents should never pressure them to do what they want.

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