Brest Stadium. Stéphanie Cariou with a green thumb but a red and white heart – Brest

Stephanie Cariou, can you introduce yourself?

“Landscape architect and urban planner, I set up the company A3 Paysage in Brest in 2009, where we have seven employees. I work for many with local communities, but also with the private sector: urban planning studies, development of public spaces, improvement of pitches, companies, campsites, sports fields and activity areas ”.

How long have you been a partner in Stade Brestois and why?

“In fact, as soon as I set up my business, and since I’m not from Brest, it allowed me to integrate into the local economic fabric. think I’re become a real fan! I come to the stadium for business, but also to have fun with friends! “

Nolan Roux … Nobody knew him when he arrived in Brest, and in just a few years he has become one of the best strikers in Ligue 1.

What does Stade Brestois represent to you, and how do you experience the matches?

“Football and Stade Brestois in particular are a strong animation for the territory and it makes people talk about Brest on a national level. It’s also a vector of enthusiasm, popular gathering and a pride for the city to have a club in Ligue 1! I live every match as a show and the rules of the game do not really interest me. I loved the atmosphere and the popular fervor in the match against Olympique Lyonnais (2-1 victory, editor’s note). It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Francis-Le Blé so warm and festive! »

Do you have any special memories, anecdotes with this club?

“The rise of Ligue 1 in 2010 with Michel Guyot as president! We felt like we were staying there for a unique, rare and joyful moment! It’s football’s ability to transcend crowds, it was amazing! I also remember this Brest – Saint-Étienne in the autumn of 2010 and this goal by Romain Poyet: Brest was leading in Ligue 1 and it went crazy in the evening. You let yourself train and you live moments that only sport can provide ”.

Maybe a player you like?

“Nolan Roux: a goal scorer who also shows up! We felt that he loved Brest and that Brest loved him. He scored amazing goals! Nobody knew him when he arrived in Brest and in a few years he became one of the best strikers in Ligue 1. I continued to follow his career afterwards and I know he still plays, Chateauroux, in National ” .

How do you see this Brest-Clermont?

“Clermont maintains and will have to fight. There will be an effort and it’s good that Brest has now stayed in Ligue 1. Who plays in Clermont? No idea. Joker! Come on, I’m watching a tough match, 1-1 as a prediction.Brest often comes in harmony with the opponent: strong against the “big ones” in the championship and weaker against the smaller teams.It is one of the paradoxes of this team, I think.

How do you rate the Brest season?

“Finally, it’s not bad, even good. There were ups and downs, but coach (Michel) Der Zakarian knew how to create a group. It was not easy in the beginning. Brest has a small budget, made with his own funds. , and it is a fantastic achievement to stay in Ligue 1. Every year, Brest takes on a bit of an adventure against the big clubs in the championship ”.

What connections do you find between football and landscape?

“It’s the technique of the pitch, the landscaping: the first thing I look at when I arrive at the stadium is the quality of the pitch! When we make a development of a village, in the aerial photo, the three points that we first identify are the church, the cemetery and the football field! It shows the importance of football on the scope of a municipality’s life ”.

Do you have a message to convey?

“Yes, and it concerns the Stade Brestois women’s team: why does she not play Francis-Le Blé from time to time? And why is this team not promoted enough in the media? I would also like a global vision for the club: it would be nice, if every Ligue 1 match had a team from the club! For the kids it would be great and for the public it would make it possible to follow them better and get to know them better.I think we focus too much on Ligue 1- “The team, even in terms of club life. Yes, the Ligue 1 team is the club’s showcase, but it would be good to make the other teams known. Why not make a buzz from time to time on every team in the club?”

To note

Brest-Clermont, match at 3 pm, Sunday 1 May, at Francis Le Blé Stadium.

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