DeGods NFT: DAO gets a basketball team in Ice Cube’s Big3 League

DAO DeGods NFT has confirmed the acquisition of Big 3 league professional basketball team Killer 3s from Ice Cube. The latter is a legendary rapper who became the owner of DeGods NFT # 3177 rated at 365 Solana (SOL).


DeGods NFT DAO takes advantage of the Big3 team division

At present, no official information regarding this has been leakedDAO’s acquisition of DeGods NFT basketball team Killer 3s. But we can quote their tweet, published on April 28, announcing the outcome of the negotiations.

That post includes a video highlighting the talent of the players in Killer 3s, a team from the Big3 league. For your guidance, we would like to clarify that this isa 3 on 3 basketball league. Its owner is none other than rapper Ice Cube, who has recently made no secret of his intention to split ownership of the teams by issuing NFTs.

Here is the content of this famous tweet:

DeDAO acquired a professional basketball team. »

Killer 3s, Big3 and Ice Cube

We pointed out above that Big3 is a league with about a dozen teams, including Killer 3s. Founded by Ice Cube and Jeff Kwatinetz, this league develops an original concept of halfway basketball. In practice, the competitions are organized in particular according to the principle of “4-point shot, with three 4-point circles beyond the 3-point line“. Basically, The Big3 league is heavily dependent on innovation, entertainment and players.

We would also like to inform you that Ice Cube has just acquiredDeGods NFT # 3177. In a video shared this morning on Discord, he came up with a broader idea of ​​letting NFT communities buy majority stakes in teams.


We thought about this question: should a society have a team like this? And the answer is yes, especially if it’s the right community […]. The league needs these communities and these communities want to stay and develop the league. »

Of course, he added that not all teams in the league will apply the same approach and that many tokens remain available for the largest number.

It should also be noted that Big3 is planning another sale of the stakes in the NFT teams in May.

Ice Cube, co-founder of Big3 and his NFT DeGods

DeGods DAO will approve the use of the DUST token

Given the lack of official communication regarding this acquisition, the DeGods team provided explanations via a tweet. The details provided areissuance of tickets, derivatives and partial ownership of Killer 3s using the DUST token.

Here’s what they said about it:

We plan to offer tickets, derivatives and holdings in DUST (and more ). We want to enable our communities to use intellectual property to create independent revenue streams. [Puis]does notWe are holding a Twitter Spaces with @icecube and @JeffKwatinetz tomorrow at 15 PST to announce all the details.»

Otherwise, Frank DeGods, founder of the DeGods NFT project, explained in an interview that it was “probably the most compelling experience in the entire NFT area right now.»

Then he added that millions of people now have a chance to own a basketball team. Enough to allow them to realize their dream.

The screenshot below highlights his view on owning a basketball team.

Source: Discord

Several questions remain unanswered, particularly the affiliation of the NFT DeGods project to Solana (SOL). Or the amount of Four-level NFT shares in Killer 3s purchased by DAO, which amounts to 25 units. This will give access to a total of 500 seats (out of the 975 existing) at “white listto domintTeam Gold-level NFTs. We also take advantage of this conclusion to reveal that the NFTs for the teams assembled in the Big3 league will be embossed on Ethereum (ETH).

Source: Decryptor; Ehereum World News

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