here are the 10 best master / Pokémon duos in anime

anime Pokemon is full of coaches of all kinds and companions, just as cool as they are impressive both in their approach and in struggling as they offer. All the series’ interest Pokemon -in addition to combat- builds on Sacha’s relationship with the other coaches who accompany him for one or more seasons. And among them are Master / Pokémon duos that have remained etched in the fans’ memory. In addition, it may seem obvious, however we will not discuss Ash’s ties to his own Pokémon, as his relationship with Pikachu, Amphinobi or even Charizard surpasses all of those presented here. Each of the duos shown shows a different version of the trainer’s ties to Pokémon, and that’s what we’ll see with ten examples that together represent all the most interesting duets in anime Pokemon.

here are the 10 best master / Pokémon duos in anime

# 1 clem and this one

Let’s agree, Clem and Dedenne are not particularly interesting characters in the series XY. That she’s very young does not help, she behaves like a real little sister to Ash and Serena. She does not even fight as she is too young. But the fact that she is present here is no coincidence his relationship with Dedenne is a true mirror of what could have happened if Ash had met Pikachu a few years earlier. It also helps to show how the relationship between Pokémon and young human children develops. Also, we will not talk about Serena here, as her main relationship is primarily with Ash and not with her Pokémon, a Fennec.

# 2 Lily and snowflakes

The relationship between Lilie and Flocon, her Alolan goupix, is interestingsince she had never really been studied in the comics. Lily is afraid of Pokémon. They really scare him. The whole plot at the beginning of the anime Sun and Moon is based on her and her peers who will try to help her overcome her phobia. And it will go through getting a Pokémon egg, a magnificent snow-white vulpix. The bond that unites them explains to the viewer that it is better to open their vision to others and that it is important to know how to overcome their fear of the unknown.

# 3 undine and togepi

Though Ondine is a rival to Sasha, she also has a lot of love for her Pokémon. Water-type champion, her favorite Pokémon is (oddly enough) not water-type. As for Lilie, she wants to see it hatch, and a sweet Togepi comes out of the egg, who will immediately take her to her mother. The mother-child relationship between the two is interesting as it takes Ondine’s responsibility up a step, even though she was already the most sensible member of the trio. As well, his break with this Pokémon becoming a Togetic will be one of the most moving scenes in the anime.

# 4 Stone and Onix

Pierre is a difficult character to establish in Pokémon anime. It serves primarily as comic character and mentor of a Pokémon’s welfare and by extension an animal. But in the anime, the Pokémon that best represents it is Onix, which will evolve into Steelix. He is powerful and is one of the only ones who has ever defeated Pikachu in singles. It alone represents the brutality of the soil type but Pierre uses it primarily as a tool when the scenario requires it, like making a ladder for example.

# 5 james and eoko

James and Eoko have certainly one of the most touching relationships in the Pokémon anime., and proves how James is a good coach who is ready to do anything to save his friend who has fallen ill. He will end up saying goodbye to him in the hope that he will get back on his feet in the family mansion. It is, by the way one of the few relationships between a trainer and a Pokémon that ends relatively badly, without this coach being a rival to Sacha. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes.

# 6 Jessie and Abo

While we’re on Team Rocket, let’s talk about Jessie and her Abo, who will soon be evolving into Arbok. Despite his wickedness, Arbok will love Jessie deeply and knows he can count on her taking care of him. Their farewell also becomes touching when she agrees to let him stay in the forest so he can protect the zone’s wild Pokémon by to become the leader of an Abo packagehim who learned to lead with Jessie.

# 7 iris and coupenottes

Iris is perhaps the most controversial character in anime. Pokemon. Stubborn, prone to annoyance and she constantly makes fun of Ash by laying him down and calling him immature. Still, she’s a tough trainer whose goal is to become a Dragon-type champion. In combat and training, she is very demanding with her Pokémon. And in anime Trip she becomes Master of the United League. His efforts bear fruit and prove to the viewer that with motivation and an iron will, nothing is impossible when one has a strong discipline.

# 8 Aurora and Piplup

During all the episodes that take place in Sinnoh, Aurore is accompanied by Piplup. We talked earlier about his rivalry with Sacha, that’s all the more true the course of the two duos is similar. Piplup was too proud to be trained by Aurore despite all her efforts.. And like Pikachu, it will refuse to evolve, but will be extremely jealous of Aurora’s other relationship with her Pokémon, as Hericendre. Over time, Piplup will be less intrusive, less temperamental and Aurora will trust him more often.

# 9 goh and pyrobut

Goh is video game Sacha Pokemon. He will catch all Pokemon, including Mew. He is lonely and trusts few people, but he is very focused on justice issues, which will be the beginning of his relationship with his Pyrobut, then Flambino. They have the same relationship that Ash had with Charmander.. First friends, but distant, they will later develop a relationship between equals, based on mutual respect, always ready to sacrifice each other to save the widow and the orphan.

# 10 flora and dust

Hoenn was the first season not to include Ondine, Flora had a great responsibility to the fans. But his enthusiasm quickly won their hearts. She always has a bit of security issues which fans could relate to, but overcame them with the help of his friends and Pokémon, especially his Torchic. Flora needed a strong Pokémon that could calm her down, and that relationship is truly unique in Pokémon. This is one of the first times a Pokémon played the role of a protector and not an accomplice.

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