Hospitalization, serious illness, it’s a shock to the viewers!

A shocking self-confidence disturbs a couple in the series Married at First Sight. A serious illness puts fans on alert!

Married at First Sight is a program designed to bring people who want to get married together.

Starting a family and finding stability in a relationship has become difficult at the moment. This explains the success of this show. But lately, a news item has shocked the fans … The details right away!

Married at first sight goes through hard times

If the marriage series since the 2019 season has encountered a problem with its common partner. This year, this problem is finally solved. The mayor of Grans, Yves Vidal, actually no longer wanted to renew his collaboration with reality TV. The producers had to look for another city to celebrate the wedding. From this year, participants get married in Gibraltar !

That’s a good thing to decide. However, the series also faces other problems. There are, in fact, divided opinions about this revolutionary practice. If for some, Married at First Sight is a show that saves some people from loneliness. For others, it is not really credible. And some do not hesitate to boycott it !

In fact, the fact that graduates must pass various psychological tests has been heavily criticized. A significant step depending on the production, as a general criterion still needs to be established. These tests should lead to determining whether a person is of a fairly calm, violent, or reserved nature. And this will help define the person who could be compatible with him!

But where the critics may have some sense. It’s the fact that people accept get married immediately some time later. It is actually a situation that we often encounter. Ultimately, therefore, the various tests that are passed for the participants in Gift at first glance are not crucial.

Sad news for a candidate

Lately, father of a candidate of Gift at first glance 2022 was entrusted to the antennas. Who is it ? Well, we’re referring to Damien. Pauline’s sideman! After preliminary tests, this pair had 77% compatibility and is one of the best in the rankings. But long before the story begins, terrible news awaits the young woman and her friend.

Yes, Didier, Damien’s father is seriously ill. A chronic disease that has already been treated. A total forgiveness, however, seems impossible if we refer to what he confessed. That was actually what made him sign up for his son in this marriage show. For in fact, it was he who pushed this candidate of Gift at first glance to take the plunge.

He assures the audience that he is not ready to leave yet. Between hospital trips and treatment follow-up. The father is above everything else watch his son settle down. He added that he is currently doing very well. But as we know, a disease as serious as the one he claims to be suffering from can develop very quickly. And that’s what he fears.

He also seems to like Pauline, Married at first glance candidate who has 77% compatibility with his son! The latter, however, he gives much more respect for! In fact, Didier confided that he and his wife have instilled different values ​​in this participant of Gift at first sight. Among other things, respect for the place of women!

Married at first sight found families

Despite the controversy surrounding the show, at first glance, Gift has actually still contributed to the creation of certain families. Because in real life, some couples are still together and have even started a family. As an example we can mention: Laure and Mathieu, who became parents very recently!

In season 3 of Married at First Sight, we met different couples. We can take the example Vivien and Charlie. A love marriage after which they could start a family. And in 2021, they even celebrated another marriage with all members of their families!

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