NFTs are getting hot: OurSong raises $ 7.5 million

When NFTs set the tone! – Non-fungible tokens (NFT) no longer only affect visual art. Actually the music industry also interested in NFTs. In February 2022, the company Our Happy Company launched an NFT platform dedicated to music and called OurSong. This company has just completed its start-up fundraising successfully by raising millions of dollars.

The beginning of OurSong accompanied by the giants of Web 3

According to a statement from Our Happy Company, its first fundraiser was a resounding success. It should be noted that Our Happy Company is founded by veterans from the streaming industry and entertainment :

  • John Legendmusician and producer
  • Chris Linfounder of KKBOX a music streaming service
  • Kevin Linfounder of Twitch the famous streaming platform

This seed funding round enabled the company to travel $ 7.5 million. These funds will be used to continue the growth and development of OurSong musical NFT platform. This explains why the funding round was led by experts in NFTs and Web 3 such as Infinity Ventures Crypto and Animoca brands.

Our Happy Company has managed to raise $ 7.5 million, which it will set aside for the development of its musical NFT platform: OurSong.
Tweet OurSong on fundraising success – Source: Twitter

Besides, OurSong is the main product from Our Happy Company. It comes in the form of one NFT platform available at mobile phone. OurSong was designed to offer creators of musical art (musicians, artists, etc.) a more fair way to monetize their work while creating real communities around them.

Finally, co-founder and CEO of Animoca Brands, Yat Siu said he firmly believes in OurSong:

“Our goal at Animoca Brands is to seek out and support companies that build the open metavers. One of the basic requirements of the open metaverse is that it should provide a fair system for creators. That’s why we’re proud to support Our Happy Company and its mission to elevate artists, musicians and all creators to higher levels of individual achievement. »

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The development of the OurSong musical NFT platform

Since its launch, OurSong has managed to convince 150,000 users. The application already allows artists to download and create their content as NFTs. The long-term goal of the platform is to solve one of the problems encountered with music streaming sites: bring artists closer to their fans. In addition, another purpose of the platform is to enable the public to do so collect rare items created by artists in the form of NFTs.

OurSongs co-founder Terry Leong said:

“This idea of ​​uniting, building a community and getting involved in the community, I think it has many perspectives, not only for the music industry but also for many traditional content industries.”

Also, currently OurSong app is compatible with Ethereum (ETH), BinanceChain (NBB), Thundercore (TT) and within a few days with polygon (MATIC). In terms of fundraising, it will allow OurSong toexpand your teamofestablish partnerships, but especially to educate artists on the subject of NFTs.

Thus, since OurSong intends to involve artists in its platform of NFTthere is little chance that she will experience the same disappointment as HitPiece.

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