Seine and Marne. As he left the Drôme, he joined the Mormant on foot for the benefit of sick children

Rémi Gondran, map of France in hand.  He will travel 3,500 km without a car or money to raise money for the Tous pour Jays association.  A crazy challenge born on the internet
Rémi Gondran, map of France in hand. He will travel 560 km without a car or money to raise money for the Tous pour Jays association, located in Mormant (Seine-et-Marne). A crazy challenge born on the internet © DR

He left this Sunday 1eh May 2022. A bag on the back and unfailing motivation. Remi Gondranactor and therapist, left coat of armsin Drôme, to reach Mormant (Seine-et-Marne) before 21 May. Twenty days where he plans to travel 560 km on foot, hitchhike, without money or accommodation.

This crazy effort, he does not take it at random. He launched it at the beginning of his 40th birthday and launched an appeal on social networks. The purpose of the trip? Allow children with serious illness to achieve their dreams.

All for the Jays Association contacted him then and the adventure was kicked off. “We have to help seven children who have simple dreams: to go to the sea, to Disneyland, to the Futuroscope, sleep near animals, swim with dolphins, ride a helicopter and meet the YouTuber Furious Jumper”, confides the actor, who wishes to meet and educate as many people as possible on his journey.

Ten scenes for a show

I am a hypnotherapist, it will no doubt help me make contact. I only have an extra cell phone with me, just in case. By the way, I count on the solidarity of the people. Make room for meetings, the unexpected and good surprises!

Remi GondranComedian and therapist

During her journey, Rémi Gondran intends to collect donations to be used to finance the children’s dream: “We have already raised € 300 out of the 5,000 we have budgeted for. I want to explain the process of my journey to people, introduce them to the association without necessarily asking them for money. I hope they will do it on their own. »

During his meetings, he will above all write a show, which he will play on May 22 at. 15 in Mormant:

It will be called ‘You’. I want to make a living from the exchanges I want. I go without food, but with a pen and a notebook! (laughs)

Remi GondranComedian and therapist

“Helping children achieve their dreams”

On the program, ten stages between Crest and Mormant, posted by the more than 5,000 people who follow him on social networks: Fort du Gondran (2,300 m altitude) in Montgenèvre (Hautes-Alpes), Vallon-Pont-d’Arc (Ardèche), the dune of Pilate (Gironde), Fort Boyard (Charente Maritime), Eckmühl lighthouse (Finistère), Mont Saint Michel (Sleeve), Omaha Beach (Calvados), Strasbourg (Alsace), then Mormant on May 21, 2022, to properly open the gala evening of the Tous pour Jays Association (read box below).

A charity gala on May 21 in Mormant

On Saturday, May 21, the association Tous pour Jays will host a gala evening at the Mormant Assembly Hall. On the program: dinner, parade and show for the benefit of child victims of childhood cancer.
From kl. 19.30, Mormon Assembly House, rue des Soissons. Price: € 25 pr. person (choice of two starter-main course-dessert-drink menus).
Information and reservations before 11 May on 07 83 00 11 67.

Two stops were also chosen by the operation’s two sponsors: Fabrice from the show Beijing Express (M6) and Nans from the show Nude pictures and culottes (France 5) : Rocamadour (Lot) and Mont Ventoux (Vaucluse).

Videos: currently on Actu

“There will be complicated days, but I’m sure there will be more beautiful moments,” concludes Rémi Gondran, who is celebrating her 40th birthday on the road. If I ever arrive late, I’ll probably skip the last stage at 6 p.m. 19.30 on May 21 in Mormant! “.

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