the current NFT project that pays you according to your physical activity

Find Satoshi Lab is the company behind the design of StepN, a mobile game where players receive tokens for every step they take. NFTs are the core of the business model.

Up to $ 100 a day?

Over the last few months, many new NFT projects have been unveiled in the crypto space. Thus, non-fungible tokens and metavers have become concepts that seem inseparable. In addition to this, a new category is emerging: NFT games.

Step’N is a rather special NFT game that falls into a very specific category: making money on mobile. Thus, this type of entertainment encourages you to walk or run in exchange for a symbolic reward. There are several apps similar to Step’N available for download, but this title is still the first to combine NFTs with this style of play.

The game is based on the Solana blockchain. Its principles are well thought out and combine the sporty, playful and lucrative sides. Initially, you will need SOL tokens to purchase virtual sneakers. Then you have to walk or run when you launch the app so that it can measure the kilometers you have walked.

After reaching a certain goal, you will receive GST or GMT tokens. By exercising regularly, you can increase your initial investment in shoes and then reap huge profits. In fact, you can earn up to $ 100 or more by running an hour a day with certain virtual shoe models.

One of the founders of the STEPN game explained that the idea for move2earn came from a brainstorming session where he originally wanted to create a monopoly style game, and when he discussed the number of steps the player should take on the game board, one possibility was that the player physically had to make movements.

Encourage people to engage in physical activity

The idea was adopted and the whole game was then rebuilt around this move2earn concept. When he created the game, he said, they looked at the popular Game-Fi in the market and concluded that a successful mobile Game-Fi must be able to transfer game assets easily, quickly and conveniently.

According to the startup that created the game, the modern fitness industry is not doing enough to get people to exercise. Despite billions of dollars invested in startups building new equipment or building larger gyms, very few people are able to maintain a consistent training routine. That is why movetoearn is so important. By encouraging exercise and paying people to work out, this new breed of fitness startups gives people around the world a clear and immediate incentive to get in shape.

During the process of creating the game, their mindset changed a few times, at first they thought the financial part was important because that was what attracted people to play the game. Then they realize that what really attracts players is the game itself. The future will always see games coming that make more money, but if the financial part is the only thing holding back the players, the game is likely to fail when another big game comes along.

So they adjusted the gameplay, adding a complete performance / challenge system and NFTs that allow further gameplay scenarios to be developed to give these NFT badges some value / significance, which is probably the biggest appeal of the startup.

The Step’N designers have thought of everything to keep you motivated. There are several types of NFT shoes available. Each varies in price and its features. Overall, the cheapest shoes yield the fewest coins.

But by “putting on” your shoes, they evolve and allow you to earn more tokens. You can also choose to merge your basketball pairs to get new ones. You can sell them or develop them in turn. It is also possible to rent sneakers to other players who do not yet have the opportunity or budget to buy them.

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