This alternative to the iMac costs only € 499!

News good plan This alternative to the iMac costs only € 499!

For users who want a reasonably priced Remote Fixed PC and who are happy with the Chrome environment developed by Google, HP has developed an original all-in-one PC based on the Chrome OS architecture. Chromebase needs nothing but itself to get off to a flying start, and this versatile version goes from € 849 to € 499 at Cdiscount.

HP Chromebase: an affordable alternative to the iMac

We all know Apple’s iMacs that promise a smooth user experience for a space-saving PC, as it does not require a tower to run it. The downside: their rather high price, which can deter their consumers (the latest iMacs are not under 1000 €). HP offers a Chromebase that seeks to appeal to casual users with the Chrome OS system at a very, very low cost.

Buy HP Chromebase for € 499 at Cdiscount

Since HP PCs can be customized on their official website, you can find different models, not all of which have the same components. Here’s what’s inside this version:

  • 10th generation Intel Core i3 processor
  • 21.5 inch Full HD 10-point touch screen
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 256 GB SSD memory
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse included

We have come a long way since the Chromebase version with only an Intel Pentium Gold processor and 64 GB of storage. This model has been upgraded with an i3 of up to 4.1 Ghz and 256 GB of storage spacea relatively comfortable space for teleworking.

Pedestrians of gamer configurations start smiling when they see these technical features, but make no mistake: Chrome OS is a high-performance operating system based on a Linux architecture which will make the best use of the smallest GB of available RAM. On this topic, it’s nice to see that you can increase the memory up to 16 GB on this computer, but 4 GB already allows you to take advantage of this rather unique PC.

The Google Chrome philosophy of a PC

What HP wanted to do with this Chromebase is bring PC users closer to a mobile and tablet experience, with a 10-point touchscreen, but above all swivel. You can therefore rotate the screen in horizontal and vertical mode as desired, and the screen configuration automatically adapts to the physical orientation of the screen. It’s quick and well made, in short it looks like a smartphone and it gives this little unpleasant “wow” effect.

This alternative to the iMac costs only € 499!

In terms of sound, the beautiful 22-inch screen is on a conical base that acts as a Bang & Olufsen boosted speaker for a great result without adding any speakers. The all-in-one PC is a real multimedia station that allows you to enjoy Youtube and Netflix comfortably.

Among the Android and the agility of a Linux, this PC is not just a giant tablet that turns around (which would not be bad in itself for the price). It comes with its HP wireless mouse and keyboard, which could almost be sold alone because they are so stylish and ergonomic. Google expertise requires The PC can also be controlled by voicewhich provides a huge gain in productivity and speed on a daily basis.

HP Chromebase: Incredible value for money for occasional users

You also have a webcam with a privacy cover that is very easily activated with a button. At the back of the base, the connection consists of two USB-A ports, two USB-C ports and a headphone output.

Whether you want to offer a PC to your parents who do not need a graphic beast but a simple and ergonomic machine, or whether you are a student who wants an extra Chrome OS that is comfortable to use at home, then there is good reasons to acquire HP Chromebase. There is no doubt that this Cdiscount promo will make people happy among defenders of Google’s OS.

Buy HP Chromebase for € 499 at Cdiscount

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