Wasselonne. A bivouac of creative workshops and meetings with design students this week

Artistic stay at the campsite, hiking and meetings with the residents, and now presentation of the various projects in the heart of the city. The work that the students have been doing for more than seven months is progressing and entering a phase called “Bivouac”. A more concrete and visible step for the Wasselonnaise population. Throughout this week, the Saint Laurent space – but not only – will be the setting for creative workshops in which residents are invited to participate.

This work done by 19 students under the guidance of their teachers is part of a project for a higher education in applied arts in design. As part of a partnership agreement signed in October 2021, the city of Wasselonne has become the scene of potential projects carried out by students. Each of them reflects “on the way to create community in Wasselonne” and approaches the territory through the prism of a topic specific to them.

The program

All events are free.


10.00-12.00: mobile radio station. Space for dialogue to witness and tell at the microphone, his vision of the territory around various maps of the city.

14.00-17.00: Expansion of the façade (the rectory): with light and flexible materials, an extension of the façade is built, which is exposed in the public space.

– Dreamy Wasselonne (Espace Saint-Laurent). Graphic design workshop: Sharing stories about what constitutes Wasselonne’s identity and ambitions, graphic translation and creating silkscreen posters.

– Seat cover (Espace Saint-Laurent): textile production of seat extensions to increase comfort.

FM station (mobile location): Tell and listen to the sound of the territory and its inhabitants live every night.

– Gestures and modules (Espace Saint-Laurent): invitation to manipulate the flexible artificial leather material to participate in a joint work.

Tuesday, May 3rd

14.00-17.00: Bandage – performer (Espace Saint-Laurent): workshop on covers as a physical and psychological connection. Realization of a totem object as a companion object outside the hospital, from fabric and clay paint.

Wednesday, May 4th

14.00-17.00: – Urns / Totem of life (Espace Saint-Laurent): production of urns and totems representing us, using local materials. Discuss rituals and their relationship to the object.

– Transmission weaving (Espace Saint-Laurent): creation of totems using the weaving technique.

– alternative grocery & tea room (Espace Saint-Laurent): prototype of a local grocery store.

18.00-20.00: Collective reflection and common aperitif (Espace Saint-Laurent). Two themes to question: common management methods and relocation of food production. A joint aperitif based on local products will be offered by the entire In Situ Lab. On this occasion, the city of Wasselonne will sign a cultural rebound contract with the CEA regarding the “Bivouac” project. this involves financial and technical support from the Court of Auditors to stimulate cultural life in the areas.

Thursday, May 5th

10.00-12.00: Wasselonnais cats (Espace Saint-Laurent). Creation of objects and moment of exchange around the presence of stray cats in Wasselonne.

14.00-17.00: Out-of-hospital navigation (Espace Saint-Laurent): construction game to imagine the ecosystem of a Wasselonne nursing home.

Urns / Totems of Life (wanders from Espace Saint Laurent). Collect and drop his totem in the woods.

– Alternative grocery and tea room (Espace Saint-Laurent): prototype of a local grocery store.

– Stories on clay plates (Espace Saint-Laurent). Transcription of memory, recipe and play on clay plates.

– Reconstruction in cardboard of Slotsgården). The decor is set gradually.

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