Back in National 2, how did Colmar build his renaissance?

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But we had to be patient. Inevitably, when we start again from the Excellence Championship (second regional level) … Far, far from the former glory of the Alsatian unit, professional in the 30s and 40s and semi-finalist in the Coupe de France 1948. Even the last six seasons spent in the third division seems light years away. So when Guy Meyer takes over the helm of SR Colmar to breathe a new chapter into its long history, he knows it: ” USis something that will take time “.

It is above all a story of love and passionnotes the current co-chair. It was a part of my life since I had developed as a player, leader, patron and member of the committee. I have been in the club for more than forty years. “Men” love and passion is obviously not everything. “ You need humility, know-how and resources: financial and human “, adds the leader who has” knew how to surround yourself with a competent team to relieve the Colmar soldier. Which includes a certain Marc Nagor, who has completed the presidency since 2020 now.

A pair in “full harmony”

José Guerra and his team find National 2

Marc Nagor and Guy Meyer, the two presidents of the SRC

with Guy Meyer, we have known each other for many years “, Repeats this” former Colmar changing rooms. “And if he acknowledges that the beginning was not” easy “, the insurance agent works today in” synergy »With his comrade. ” We have the same goals and we can say the same strategy in terms of club development. In some companies, the boss and right arm are determined. Here the right arm is sitting Says Guy Meyer for his part.

In full harmony “with Marc Nagor the former business manager takes care of” more of the management part and all the financial “when his duet” is more in the sporting and administrative aspect. »« We are very complementary to that. All decisions are made in pairs. But everyone has their defined niches “, Adds the latter. So much for the division of roles and the function of the co-presidency.

National goal

José Guerra and his team find National 2

A success that today is SR Colmar’s heyday. And the ghost of liquidation “Is only a distant memory, as the resident of National 3 appears more structured than ever before to find the top floor. Or two. ” In the beginning, we set ourselves the goal of finding the nationalrelocates Guy Meyer. From now on, we give ourselves a maximum of two, three years to get there. In the ten-year goal, it is reasonable He smiles, engaged to Marc Nagor. ” Today, Colmar must be ambitious. Colmar has the funds, not only financially but in terms of population Notes the former president of ASC Biesheim (2010-2019).

to which is added ” an emblematic coach from Alsace “: Jose Guerra. ” You’re in Alsace, you talk about José Guerra to a footballer, he knows who it is. If we are here today, it is also thanks to him “, Greets Marc Nagor, not stingy when discussing the style of play for the broad leader of the Grand-Est pool. ” Offensive »,« combative “and” always forward-looking “, The team consists of players from Center-Alsace, including” 80% “Walked through RC Strasbourg’s gym,” older brother and partner.

To the good memories from Friday night at the Stadium

José Guerra and his team find National 2

Credit photo – Vosges Morning

Today, being on SR Colmar means being 100% Alsace confirms Marc Nagor. But Guy Meyer warns: ” It is an Alsatian identity, but we must not fall into fanaticism. Because we feel the fervor of the public. It grows, it grows, but you have to control it. As in the good old days on the famous Friday nights. ” Everyone is still talking about itassures Marc Nagor, referring to the time SR Colmar played in National. We were to watch the match at 8 p.m. Then we could go to the restaurant. There was a craze, with 2,500 people present at the Stadium », The club’s enclosure since 2001.

When we first settled at the Stadium, it was the top against the Nationalremembers Guy Meyer. It also symbolizes political support. For a long time we played at the Stade des Francs. Getting out of this dilapidated stadium was a strong sign from the city of Colmar about supporting football. This construction cost quite a lot of money. Colmar is an average city and had absolutely no sports policy in place. It began to materialize with the construction of the Stadium », A real monument in the city of Haut-Rhin. And that, again, a sign of the club’s newfound ambitions, should undergo a few minor changes.

“Strength, honor and respect”

José Guerra and his team find National 2

Image credit – LGEF

We want to integrate a coworking room, which we can say video room, training room and also can provide some rooms Says the eldest of the two presidents. All with a very specific goal: to develop the youth project, with well-placed categories in the regional championships.

For example, when you are in the U17 Nationals, it is no longer often children from the sector who make up your team. It extends to the eastern quarter. And it’s not only a unique sport, it’s also studies. You must also be able to accommodate them. It’s a project. May the young also become a reservoir for the first team. And then the best will leave in professionals », Projects Guy Meyer, also attached to the expansion of its women’s department.

The women’s department is not an independent entity “Cutting the leader, with 160 licensees, and whose defined goal for the pennant team is admission to Regional 1. On all fronts to restore its image and regain its former glory, SR Colmar finally trusts its slogan to best define its club project:” Strength , honor and respect “.

To summarize

The year 2016 will forever mark a turning point in the history of Colmar football. Regional monument, SR Colmar lives for a few months a sporting relegation in the CFA (ex-National 2) and especially an application for bankruptcy. In a ruin field, the famous Guy Meyer takes matters into his own hands and enthrones a new association. The historic Sports Réunis in Colmar gave way to Stadium Racing Colmar, and the rebirth thus took shape over the years with contributions from Marc Nagor.

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