Change of name, illness, fasting, love and new life

Isabelle Geoffoy, her real name, wanted “Zaz to die”. The singer, who turns 42 on May 1, has spent three years away from showbiz. During this absence she found herself, began a love story and welcomed a little girl with open arms …

Isabelle Geoffroy, alias ZazWHO turns 42 on May 1, 2022driven one radical change, away from the lights. Tired of fame and the constant pressure from her job as a singer, the artist wished “kill“the figure she had created.”I wanted Zaz to dieShe herself entrusted to the microphone of Sing France, the 1st of April. A desire to drop depending on an overload of accumulated fatigue. And to explain: “Zaz occupied all the space and I did not take care of my personal life“. But why such a consciousness in this moment? The singer had just”.to meet someone“and felt”the desire to build“a future with the chosen one of her heart, with whom she married in secret, and whose name she hides.”I had as a loss of identityI no longer knew who I was without Zaz“, Added the artist, who was considering changing his artist name… before changing his mind.

Zaz “cried” because of coronavirus

In 2018, she stepped away from the limelight. After a long radio silence, Zaz returned to the center in late 2021 with a fifth album effectively the title is a, a reference to her real name Isabelle. She has been thinking about her comeback since last year, when the pandemic broke out. “I stopped at the right time, then came the imprisonment”, she explained during an interview in Galaby adding: “Height: I do not know how I do nothing, my brain is always in revolt”.

If the experience of confinement was in the end “beneficial“For Zaz, the artist was not at the end of her troubles … She, too, was severely polluted by Covid-19.”I lost taste and smell for four months. I cried over it “, she continued in the magazine.

Zaz: a creative mind in a healthy body

After deciding it was time to rejuvenate, Zaz applied this vital need for rest for three years. When the batteries were recharged and Isa found it, the forties even tried new experiences. Sick of coronavirus, the popular singer wanted to reset her body by not eating for several days.

“I did a young for the first time. I was a little flipped before and I could not find the time and then I said to myself ‘we’re trying it’. I have not eaten for three days. So, I quit everything: cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, food, everything! “, told the winner of the award for best original song at the Victoires de la Musique 2011 on the set of C for you October 21.

Zaz confides in his relationship

For three years, the star has a beautiful hoarse voice, and therefore left the stage and concert halls in favor of his privacy. By meeting “anyone”Zaz had “the desire to build a relationship“. Bring in a man, bring in love, me who had locked everything well… Me, in love, I’ve always been a kiss, a slap. I give everything, but if you disappoint me, I will close everything “, she revealed in the columns of Parisian. At the same time, she also became a mother-in-law, a completely new and sometimes destabilizing role: “And it’s there too this little girl who turns everything upside down, who gives all this love, I had to find my place… “.

Zaz, soon mother?

This place, Zaz ended up assuming: she also dedicated her title what you are to Jayna, his daughter-in-law. “It is a role that is built up, like being a parent or being in a relationship. We learn every day, we grow togetherand. (…) I have been a mother-in-law for three years. But this song is a way to express it in everyone’s eyes”Zaz revealed in an interview with Tele-Fritid. She now has it herselfwant to be a mother“, and claimed that she worked there … A pleasure to create!

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