Dead Space Remake details the sound design with gameplay clips | Xbox One

So it’s official, Dead Space will arrive on our platforms early 2023. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to see the game very often, except during a live last August with some clips from some built-in pre-production. Today the developers are back to tell us more about the game’s sound.

Dead Space Remake: Motive formalizes early 2023 release date

We recommend that you listen to the clips with headphones to take full advantage of the work of the Motive teams.

The propagation of sound in space (10:59)

First, the developers introduced what occlusion is. For those who don’t know, it simply blocks sound waves when an object is between the sound source and the player.

At the same time, we were also treated to an explanatory diagram of what occlusion is, which is the reflection of waves off the sides when an obstacle is between Isaac and the source of the sound. It is this element that is preferred in Dead Space Remake for an immersive sound experience.

We recommend wearing a helmet to take advantage of the progress the teams have made on this remake. They had a good taste for properly portraying the sequences to understand how sound propagates in a hallway or when doors are closed and opened.

Isaac’s arms (20:06)

Of course, the developers have completely reworked the sound of Isaac’s weapons and tools. So we find out how the Plasma Cutter shot was built. The developers recorded a large number of sounds which they then superimposed to provide the very enjoyable final rendering.

They also shared a clip where we can enjoy the brand new Pulse Rifle sound. The least we can say is that we can’t wait to try it.

The ALIVE System (28:16)

Dead Space Remake will contain what the developers have called the ALIVE system: Adrenaline, Limbic Response System, Intelligent Dialogue, Vital, Efforts. Don’t understand what this is about? It’s normal. It is a set of elements that allow you to completely immerse yourself in Isaac’s skin and feel his distress.

The developers want to establish a connection between the player and the protagonist. It was already a big part of the base game, he needed to feel alone and vulnerable. So they wanted to transcribe this in an even more thorough way than before.

Running, losing human lives, suffering oxygen loss, or being in combat and melee will affect the character’s breathing and heart rate. In the first game, when Isaac got his oxygen back, his breathing immediately returned to normal. Here the developers offer a much more natural transition where the protagonist gradually catches his breath for more realism.

To further encourage immersion, the dialogues will all have three phases of variation depending on Isaac’s state. Sure, there’s the so-called “normal” situation, but when he’s tired, you’ll find it shows in his way of expressing himself, even when he’s injured.

The soundscape (42:33)

Of course, Dead Space is also appreciated for its special and disturbing sound atmosphere. Whether it’s the sounds perceived by the protagonist or the orchestral music, everything is done to make the players anxious.

Motive always wants to develop this formula with orchestral music and dynamic changes based on gameplay sequences. The studio wants to support the story with some real background work on this atmosphere.

History to give you the chills, the developers offer a short snippet of a recording session, but most importantly a long snippet of gameplay that ends in a showdown.

The developers wanted to remind that what was shown is not representative of the final version, the game is still in pre-alpha. You’ll need a little patience to get your hands on this ambitious remake, as Dead Space will be out early 2023 on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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