Montpellier: Deputies, Mayors, Senator … They respond to Coralie Dubost affair

Various Montpellier elected officials are reacting to the case of retaining Herault’s deputy, Coralie Dubost, following Mediapart’s revelations describing the expenses of Hérault’s deputy.

“Amateurism,” as Laurent Jaoul, mayor of Saint-Brès in the 3rd district, describes the actions of Coralie Dubost, revealed by the Médiapart on Friday. “Since 2018, I have been the first to say that she is above ground. We never see her on the ground. Her behavior reflects the deputies, the majority of whom are exemplary and on all the elected. Anti-parliamentarism!”

Another deputy who does not want to give her name the sweet of various bird names, “she is arrogant and hysterical. Her behavior reflects us all!”.

“She was not forced to retire”

Jérôme Toulza, department spokesman for La République en Marche, claims “not being aware” of this affair. Other party leaders, however, state behind the scenes to be in “one or two years”.

By ensuring that Coralie Dubost was not pushed out, Jérôme Toulza ensures that the case does not tarnish LREM’s reputation too much. “It is we who have introduced this law” to strengthen control over spending. “We have ensured that transparency exists, the ethical officer has done his job. The proof of this is with the report concerning Coralie Dubost.”

Jean-Pierre Grand, senator and former deputy for the 3rd constituency, regrets “a huge mess” regarding Coralie Dubost’s decision to leave politics. “All this is very unfair. She was an ingenious parliamentarian, rapporteur on many laws, such as the one on bioethics. She pays dearly for her administrative mistakes. She was terribly lynched on social networks.” He adds: “As parliamentarians, we are audited every year.”

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Frédéric Lafforgue, the mayor of Castelnau-le-Lez, also emphasizes the control to which elected officials are subject. On his expenses, he clarifies: “In the 27 years I have been elected, I am on my 4th expense allowance. The last one was a round trip to Paris. Since I became mayor, the restaurants when there is an official meeting are that we receive someone.I told my municipal team that I would not let an expense reimbursement pass if it is not justified.

Upon the retirement of Coralie Dubost, he pays tribute to “a brave reaction” and to her record: “She did the job. During the health crisis, the children owe her the opening of the sports halls during childbirth. She made some nonsense, she was caught up, but for me it will she will always be welcome in Castelnau-le-Lez. “

Who will stand in his place?

For Claudine Vassas-Mejri, Mayor of Castries and Vice President of the Metropolis, “it’s always difficult to comment on a case in which we do not have all the elements. I regret, however, the relentless perseverance that Coralie Dubost has suffered on social networks. […] I commend the work she has done for five years, especially her intervention in favor of our territory beyond any biased consideration. I now hope that the electorate will give a mandate to an alternate who will be able to defend the interests of our constituency. “

Exactly, who is going to replace the rising star in the third constituency? “We are working on it,” the rapporteur states. It is still unknown whether the presidential majority will find its candidate in time. In any case, the Savior will have to forget this affair.

Women are struggling to apply

“Which woman would want to run for the third constituency?” Says a Hérault deputy. “Patricia Mirallès was arrested by a guy who asked her if her thong was in the Republican colors! Meanwhile, Frédéric Bort (RN) took two points on the 9th,” he teases. Women are not actually pushing at the gate at the end of this disastrous weekend for the LREM deputy. Of the nine deputies from Hérault, four are women: Muriel Ressiguier (2nd), Coralie Dubost (3rd to 30th June), Patricia Mirallès (1st) and Emmanuelle Ménart (6th). Man or (and especially) woman: so it’s hard to recruit a LREM candidate in a constituency … damn?

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