Obesity: another side effect of covid restrictions

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Published May 2, 2022


In the past, obesity was associated with good health, and reserves helped get through the winter. But the values ​​have been reversed since the Middle Ages. The incarcerated children, victims of inactivity and morally damaged, may have built up reserves in anticipation of the abysmal deficits they will have to fill.

The president was sold to us as a financial genius. Some whisper that a grocery store would have gotten better results, and I have no doubt that there are good grocery stores out there. As for him, like many Frenchmen, I would not place genius at the top of the list of his qualities. Interpersonal skills, Machiavellianism, cynicism, opportunism, authoritarianism, that is. By the way, I’m thinking more of Céline’s quote about General De Gaulle, “a dwarf who has been magnified by omitting the top floor”… What better evidence than dealing with this epidemic?

The race around covid, cause of the increase in obesity

The collective enthusiasm around various covid treatments began in 2020 with interest from various networks for double-blind studies. It was fun to see this topic that occupies our daily lives discussed publicly. When a pathology has a mortality rate of 0.5%, rounding off, huge samples of patients are needed before, after months, a powerful statistical test is obtained and therefore an answer to the questions asked.

In terms of containment, the assessment seems even more complex. Compare what with what? The Ebola virus kills massively, and by limiting one can observe a concrete result. The Covid virus, which is otherwise less dangerous, mutates and plays by crossing barriers, masks, confinement, strange social measures … A global overview can provide the beginning of an answer. A Swedish colleague estimated on the basis of a meta-analysis that confinement reduced mortality by 0.2%. Although the number is reduced, although some poor elderly people could hypothetically have lived a few more months, it was important to consider the balance between benefits and risks and the tragic consequences.

The created climate created a barrier between patients and health centers and increased mortality and morbidity by 5% in each specialty. Psychiatrists have seen pathologies explode, especially in pediatrics. After going through this ordeal, I do not forget this father who came to my consultation accompanied by a teenager in the midst of depression. Amorphous, sad he had taken fifteen pounds in a few weeks due to therapy. I do not want these torments on any father … The images of suicide in Shanghai today are a cruel reminder that imprisonment is like putting depressed people up along an abyss. Take the prison staff’s advice … There have been reports of eleven-year-olds trying to suppress themselves. Some child psychiatric services were saturated, while the intensive care units in the same cities at the same time were not crowded at all. All this under the pretext of medically unjustifiable coercion …

Medicine and science require evidence, but were these nipples in full confinement, in addition to the lack of physical exercise, not the result of boredom and inhibition, the first steps toward depression? Under a certain age, children never question their performance. The same children that we repeat that the planet is dying from because of their parents’ criminal actions will now spend their lives terrorized by a virus that is hardly more deadly than the flu they will encounter every year. And since we’ve experienced the eighth epidemic since 1895, with global mortality similar to that of its elderly in 1957 and 1969, how will adults react when the next one arrives? And what about their future children? Imagine a world where Greta Thunberg would be energy minister and her cousin Hansel, on the antidepressant side covid, in charge of health …

If no one wanted this epidemic, I argue that the reaction of the French technocracy and its American private council failed to overreact. It has made the situation worse in many areas. I do not agree with the theories that support a kind of global conspiracy. It turns out here and there the opportunistic political ambitions of different groups, whose views I obviously do not share, but that these visionaries were the source of the epidemic, no. It was so many, and different interests came to be grafted secondarily on the back of the beast. We have once again observed the illustration of La Boétie’s thoughts. Leaders set themselves unrealistic goals as long as they are supported by citizens who assess that they are up to their task. Shared mistakes: “tyrants are only good because we are on our knees” … No, the state can not stop a mutagenic virus epidemic, just as little as it can regulate the planet’s temperature or turn Greta into Hansel. The state is the administration, the tar on the roads, CERFA or, in this case, the nursing staff and the medical equipment: complete bankruptcy in this area …

Children victims of covid policy

Children, among others, have paid the price for these policies. Masks, deadly atmosphere, waves of cases not even sick in thousands, worries, justified or not, underlying vaccines, parents expelled if they refused treatment that should have been reserved for patients at risk, parents excluded from their work .. What an unjustified disorder, more inherent in politics than in the epidemic itself … And the children, confronted with parents in panic, behave as mere. Deprived of activities, friends they vegetated in anxiety, languishing into surfaces that were also trapped. They became obese, they sank into depression and they experienced early collective unhappiness at an age of innocence.

It remains to be seen the future consequences of these catastrophic government elections, while a war is still obscuring the horizon. More and more children will have to settle for cheap food high in sugar and fat when it costs a small fortune to play sports for parents whose income is still in danger of falling. Their morale will hardly have the opportunity to improve, but everything is never lost. Pessimism is deadly. The re-election of the brilliant president of Notre Dame and of covid certainly enhances this oppressive feeling of being stuck in a very sticky molasses, but let’s keep our heads up.

Let us as liberals build our future and the future of our children alone, offer them perspectives, bad governments or not. Yes, the children have suffered from unjustified confinement, both physically and morally. Yes, in the education system, everything seems to replace the solid benchmarks they expect with permanent confusion. Due to lack of education, they are imprinted with different nonsense that violates our beliefs and has nothing to do within the framework of schools (theory of gender, woke and other extremist delusions). Let us remain those whom they will choose for models, spirits who love freedom. If economic liberalism seems to me to be the most cohesive of systems, I continue to believe that the human conveys a message.

Deconstructing it leads nowhere. No one wants to change its deep and immanent nature. These children, the easy targets of the revolutionaries, are our children. In free and liberated schools, they would receive an education that would arm them against the unfathomable stupidity of those in power. Smart as they know how to be, they themselves would realize the flaws they would open up to perspectives other than obesity, depression and submission. Unlike some adults, they often sparkle with intelligence and creativity as long as they are not reticent. And they can turn the leaves if we help them.

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