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Simon Boulerice loves to dance. To anyone familiar with his work, this is obvious. After all, he has not already written a solo show for himself called Simon always liked to dance ? Like we said, Simon Boulerice is happy to dance … except tango. “It’s too much seduction, the excitement is unbearable! exclaims the writer, actor, poet, and director. I prefer the swing, it’s more relaxed! »

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Marc-Andre Lemieux

Marc-Andre Lemieux
The press

If one is surprised to suddenly hear Simon Boulerice discuss dance, it is not (only) because he speaks faster than his shadow and has just taken control of the interview. This is because he explains why he has already been carried away by the hurricane of dating apps, which usually require a little effort to charm the other person involved in the virtual exchange.

“Seduction has never been my strength. I’ve never been good at it. And it’s not something that really interests me. »

This period spent on Tinder, Grindr and the company inspired Simon Boulerice to publish in 2016, geolocate love, a novel with poems, which six years later takes the form of a series that this week lands on Extra of ICI This adult autofiction, directed by Nicolas Legendre-Duplessis, consists of 10 episodes of about ten minutes each, and depicts the sex capadas – sometimes funny, sad, disappointing and difficult – of a main character with a pedigree identical to his. After all, Simon Boulerice, who embodies the hero on screen, refuses to talk about an autobiographical series.

There are elements that are true [dans Géolocaliser l’amour], but most are invented or borrowed. It is a sum of lived facts and observations.

Simon Boulérice

Has it ever been done ghost ? Has he ever been “turned around” five seconds after arriving at his “fight”? Did he ever knock the janitor at an elementary school immediately after giving a lecture there? If he does not want to separate the true from the false, Simon Boulerice is certainly amused by blurring the line between reality and fiction in geolocate love. It’s also his real best friend, Jocelyn Lebeau, who portrays his best friend on screen. The archive footage used in each of the episodes is all authentic, as is their passage to Everyone is talking about it in 2013.

“There’s a scene where Simon gives a guy a man when he’s asleep. I think it’s a lot of fun as a situation! But I do not want to say if it was me who experienced it!”

a rape

geolocate love combines comedy and drama. In the fourth episode, the series takes a disturbing turn by presenting a rape scene as Simon’s search leads him to Marc-Antoine, a narcissist with little respect for others.

Simon Boulerice wanted to include this sequence in the TV adaptation.

I thought it was important that we show a scene of homosexual rape. For it is rare we see it. But it exists.

Simon Boulérice

The recordings of the excerpt, meticulously choreographed, went well, says the talkative artist. When the scene was first set up, Radio-Canada executives thought it was too explicit. They demanded that it undergo some changes to cover the frontal nudity of actor Gabriel Lemire, who plays the aggressor.

“It was very raw,” Simon admits. We can say that we added mystery in the post-production. »


Marc-Antoine (Gabriel Lemire) and Simon (Simon Boulerice) in geolocate love

Like a sad song

To revisit this darker period, full of disappointments in love of any kind, did not displease the principal in question. On the contrary. Listening to him talk, the experience was even enjoyable.

“I liked it for the same reasons I like listening to sad songs. Songs that make you cry, it drains. It’s not something that pulls me down.”

I have a lot of tenderness for what I was, for my crooked side. I felt alone, yet I was surrounded by friends. There was a kind of confusion in me. I was so overwhelmed with love, I was hoping so much for the adventure … When I think back on this period, I want to hug myself and say, “It’s going to be fine, my little guy”. A bit like a big brother.

Simon Boulérice

Simon Boulerice does not want to condemn dating applications with geolocate love. It was after all on one of them he met his girlfriend for the last five years.

“It’s a summary: There are amazing people, as there are unpleasant people. I met some very playful encounters there, even when it did not lead to anything.”

The desire to play

Although he has a DEC in performance from the Collège Lionel-Groulx, Simon Boulerice is better known as a writer for the general public. In recent years, however, his acting career has taken up more space. He especially wrote himself a role in six degreesa role he expands from season to season.

Unlike Xavier Dolan, who basically wrote I killed my mother to afford the opportunity to play, jack-of-all-trades do not consider geolocate love as a business card that could convince instructors to keep his services as an actor.

“If I had been younger, maybe. But I’m just turned 40. I’m detached from it all. When I came out of theater school, I wanted to perform. But things did not happen. So I wrote a lot. I had a little theater company with Sarah Berthiaume. I made dramas. We won prizes. Then I started writing novels. It went great. It gave me the opportunity to earn a living. ”


Simon Boulérice

The workaholic has also given himself a small role – as a librarian – in Pet, his next series is expected at Noovo next fall. The drama directed by Marie-Claude Blouin and Félix Tétreault, filmed for a few days, will describe an illegal love affair between a 37-year-old French teacher, defended by Evelyne Brochu, and her 17-year-old student, camped by Lévi Doré.

The scenario is clearly reminiscent of the case of Mary Kay Letourneau, this teacher and mother, who had been sentenced to seven years in prison in the United States for having a sexual relationship with Vili Fualaau, her then 12-year-old student.

“I wanted to portray an openly reprehensible area, but more blurred,” explains the screenwriter. I thought it was interesting to show a student crossing his teacher and walking towards her. »

Break the picture?

With geolocate love and PetSimon Boulerice is apparently moving away from Simon Boulerice, who has written about twenty children’s novels and helped write the revival of Master key at Tele-Quebec. The main interested party aware of the split does not appear to be offended.

It’s not a picture I’m trying to crush. Because it’s me, both of us. I am more like everyone else. I have a colorful side, but I also have a more dramatic side.

Simon Boulérice

“When the trailer arrives geolocate love came out, the comments were mostly positive, but there was still a lady who wrote to me, “I prefer you when you smile.” It is certain that at Good evening ! or that I at Télé-Québec with Marc Labrèche smile a lot. When the camera turns on, I turn on completely. But I am also able to turn it off completely. Michel Tremblay once said to my girlfriend: “It must not be easy living with Simon. My boyfriend replied that on the contrary, it is even a little flat. And it’s true! For daily, when I write, I am really centered and silent. »

geolocate love lands on ICI Extra Thursday. Simon Boulerice continues to participate in Good evening ! on HERE TV. He will also continue to work Sweet saltback on May 23 on TVA.

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