What if Kylian Mbappé does not sign for Real Madrid?

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It has not gone unnoticed, the relationship between PSG and Real Madrid has deteriorated significantly over the last few months. For several reasons, most notably the clash of ideas between Florentino Pérez and Nasser al-Khelaïfi over the Super League, but above all because of the Kylian Mbappé file. On several occasions, the Parisian staff, mainly through Leonardo, have spoken out in condemning the actions of the Spanish club. It must be said that a few weeks ago, everyone was convinced that the native Bondy was going to land in Madrid. However, the situation seems to have changed, and although the most likely possibility at the time of writing is still to see him join the Spanish capital, it is now possible to see him stay in Paris.

And from Madrid’s side, we’re starting to get a reason: Mbappé’s arrival is no longer 100% guaranteed. Although certain media, especially those most associated with Pérez, continue to convey a message of optimism and calm, we feel that the trend has changed when we listen to the programs on the radio, or even when we discuss with followers. We can not yet talk about pessimism or defeatism, but the situation has changed a lot, while some counterfeit jersey stores already offered Real Madrid tunics with Kylian Mbappé flocked around the back … Suffice it to say that the people of Madrid would stay extremely disappointed in case of an extension in Paris.

A huge admission of failure for Pérez

We can say that it would definitely be the biggest failure in Real Madrid’s history in the transfer window. Already because Pérez has been waiting for him for several years and reaching out for him, and such a reversal of the situation would leave the Madrid president and the Madrid institution in a real embarrassment. But also because in the background of the transfer window is this duel between historic clubs from the old continent and club states. With a Real Madrid that would like to retain its throne as the biggest club in history and show that clubs like PSG or Manchester City are still very far from being able to sit at its table. Losing a record that appeared to have been won against Paris would therefore be a more than symbolic defeat.

It is even a historic turning point for many in Spain. If Mbappé were to join the Bernabéu, it would be seen as proof that regardless of the sporting or financial situation of the clubs, the historic formations will always be over. But should the opposite happen, this summer could definitively mark the loss of power of the emblematic clubs to the newcomers. Especially since we know for once that the choice of Mbappé will not be dictated by the salary the two teams offer and that he is above all seeking sportsmanship and prestige. Real Madrid therefore hope to prove that if the financial aspect is put aside, it will remain much more attractive than PSG and other clubs, which benefit from private or state sponsors.

A basic need

But beyond ideological considerations, we must above all talk about the field. With a Benzema at the prime of his life and an offensive sector that is generally not very qualitative if we remove the Frenchman and Vinicius Junior, the upcoming reigning Spanish champion needs reinforcements up front. A galaxy to lead the team’s attacks in the next decade. In this register, it’s hard to find better than Kylian Mbappé, perhaps apart from Erling Haaland, in another profile. This is not a president’s whim, but a real need to be covered. Especially since the Norwegian now seems to be promised to Manchester City, and if the Mbappé line fails, the club from the Spanish capital would have big problems recruiting an attacking star. It’s hard to find another striker who could quickly take on an attacking leadership role in the market today, especially for a club that likes to have the biggest stars in the world in its squad …

It also goes without saying that even if the Frenchman would come up with a nice salary and a handsome signing bonus, his arrival would also be very interesting from a marketing point of view. He is without a doubt the most bankable player of the new generation, a bit like Cristiano Ronaldo when he arrived from Manchester United. His signature would attract many sponsors and would no doubt be a huge boost to the sale of derivative products. From a French point of view, we can imagine that an entire generation of children will begin to support Real Madrid and recreate the same phenomenon as in the time of Zinedine Zidane. Florentino Pérez’s club would give up luck in case of failure in this exciting soap opera. As you will have understood, the stakes are more for Blancos !

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