A breath of fresh air at the CIBÎM

For more than 20 years, the Council of Biofood Industries of the Island of Montreal (CIBÎM) is an indispensable player in the organic food sector and has experienced strong growth in its activities in recent years. To better reflect its important role in businesses and organizations, the Island of Montreal Council of Biofood Industries is now becoming the Crossroads of Montreal Island’s Organic Food Industry

As part of this significant change, CIBIM also gets a makeover, revealing a brand new image to match its role in the industry. the CIBIM has not only provided itself with a renewed logo and graphic charter, but also with a slogan that perfectly describes its objective: Feed your ambitions† As part of this overhaul, CIBIM called on the expertise of capital picture and from Kanari designwho have made it shine by bringing the repositioning to life and carrying out the renewal of the brand image.

The CIBÎM: Essential Support for Favorite Montreal Brands
For more than 20 years, the CIBIM offers various services to food processing entrepreneurs to support them in their growth: webinars, lunch-and-learns, training, coaching sessions, networking activities, buyer meetings and training programs. the CIBIM also fulfills the role of Table de concertation for the biofood sector in the Montreal region. It brings together companies and industry partners to create business opportunities, coordinate and execute industry structuring projects.

“Year after year, our community has grown and so has our range of services,” explains Katell OfficeChairman of the Board of Directors of CIBIM† Carrefour is a word that makes the difference. It will enable us to show a name worthy of our current role, which is the vital crossroads of the biofood field.”

Continuing growth of the organic food industry in Montreal
The biofood industry in Quebec continues to grow: if we compare the average investments in the field between 2018 and 2020 with those between 2015 and 2017, we see a remarkable growth of 10%. This is even though the pandemic has brought many challenges, such as the loss of jobs in restaurants, a 4.2% decline in the value of food demand and significant supply chain instability.

This growth is due in part to Quebecers’ growing desire to buy locally and encourage local businesses. Thanks to them, many local organic food products, be it ketchup, soft drinks, spreads or microbrewery beers, are enjoying great success. In addition, governments are not excluded. The purchase of food from Quebec by institutions is a priority of the government of Quebec. The National Strategy for Purchasing Quebec Foods (SNAAQ) aims to increase purchases of Quebec foods by institutions. It is in this context that the CIBIM reaches out to its 150 members to maintain the prosperity of the organic food sector in Quebec and to act as a vital link in the implementation of the Montreal government’s strategy.

Many Montreal-based SMEs well-known to the general public benefit from the vital support of this organization, which has been operating for over 20 years. Among others: Gusta vegetarian products, Allo Simone spreads, 1642 soft drinks, Carrément Tarte cakes and the wonderful range of Isabelle Huot products.

“More than 150 Montreal SMEs have benefited from the expertise of the team at CIBIM solutions in this uncertain time. And now we are also there to support them in marketing to the institutional sector!”, explains Katell OfficeChairman of the Board of Directors of CIBIM


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