after 4 months of separation, Anthony Delons and Sveva Alviti’s love and their desire to become parents has won

After a short break, Anthony Delon and Sveva Alviti ended up finding each other. From the first day of their meeting, the two dwarf parrots immediately had the sensation. Zoom in on their love story.

Alain Delon’s son is in love and wants everyone to know. With her darling wanting to be a mother one day, the beautiful brunette has agreed to share intimate photos of them taken at a hotel.


Anthony Delon is a fulfilled man, whether professionally or personally. If he is at the peak of his career, the son of Alain Delon also spins the perfect love with Sveva Alviti, 20 years younger than him.

For information, it was in August 2019 that Wolf and Liv’s father formalized his relationship with the beautiful blonde. In the columns of the Paris Match, they said it was through a friend they have in common that they could meet.

It was a day after work, as Sveva had said. Tired, the latter decided to enjoy a dinner with this famous friend that Anthony was also with at the time. The genus introduced them, and quickly the current passed between the two dwarf parrots.

“We talked for five hours. We were in harmony. I had never had such an experience”,

she said.

It was at the age of 54 that Anthony found love again with this beautiful Italian. Discreet about his privacy, he made his fans wait a long time before revealing the identity of his beloved.

Back then, he used to post pictures of his girlfriend without us being able to see her face. He showed Sveva Alviti completely only during a romantic weekend in Rome.


Very much in love, it did not take long for Alain Delon’s son before he asked for the hand of the beautiful Italian. In fact, just one year after their meeting, in 2020, the couple had gone into high gear by announcing their engagement.

It is especially on the Amalfi Coast, in Italy, that the two dwarf parrots got engaged. Sveva Alviti had two rings from her treasure for this occasion, for according to her the one which the actor had ordered for this “moving” moment was not ready in time.

A beautiful event that will undoubtedly remain etched in the couple’s memories for the rest of their lives.

Gaga by her lover, Anthony Delon, does not fail to share his love for her on social networks when he has the opportunity. Grateful for the presence of the actress in his life, the son of Alain Delon had written in a post dedicated to his beauty, at Christmas 2019:

“Sometimes life does not seem fair to us (…) But it also happens that fate gives us a gift, a sweet ray of sunshine to accompany us in the test”

There is no doubt that this statement pleased his companion greatly.

But like most couples, Anthony Delon and Sveva Alviti have also experienced dark days in their relationship. Among them, we can count the brief separation of the two actors in 2021.

And it’s always on his Instagram account that Anouchka Delon’s brother shared the bad news with his subscribers, in September 2021, more than a month after the breakup of their engagement.

Along with a picture of their shadow in his story, the actor wrote:

“It’s time for me to announce the break of my engagement with Mademoiselle Alviti and wish her good luck in the future.”

History of Anthony Delon. | Photo: Instagram / therealanthonydelon

A short-lived separation, but which probably upset the two dwarf parrots at the time, especially Sveva Alviti, who before this break-up said she was ready to have children.

“I hope to get there soon, I feel ready to do it. We do not just live at work!”,

she said.


Anthony and Sveva’s breakup seems to have lasted only 4 months since the actor in January 2022 posted a snapshot accompanied by his so-called ex-fiancé on Instagram, which surprised his subscribers.

In the caption to this image of them sitting side by side, the son of Alain Delon had written:

“Special day recording with you.”

At the time, fans of the two dwarf parrots had only one question in mind: is it a simple reunion, or did they really get back together? And it was ultimately the second opportunity to the delight of the couple’s followers.

In fact, the flame between Sveva and her buddy has rekindled, and the two have given their love a second chance. Moreover, Anthony Delon and his lover, still so madly in love with each other, have agreed to cover “Marie Claire Italia” in the month of April 2022.

For this occasion, the two dwarf parrots took the time to pose at a Roman hotel. Note that the photos were taken in January 2022, when doubts were sown about their return.

In these very intimate photos, we could see the two actors more accomplished than ever. The legs on his head gave the two dwarf parrots, both dressed in white, everything to make the shot perfect.

Note that it was the couple themselves who took the photos from an iPhone. A short film entitled “Just Us” was at the time filmed for Marie Claire Italia magazine.

In addition, Anthony Delon and Sveva Alviti, who both work in the world of seventh art, support each other in everything they do.

If the actress was accompanied by her lover during the Parisian preview of the fiction “Between the waves”, she also supports Anthony Delon when she has the opportunity. A real model couple.

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