Interview. Legislative 2022. Aurélien Pradié Candidate to Remain Lot and “All Lotois”

Aurélien Pradié, outgoing Member of Parliament for the first constituency of Lot, will be a candidate for his successor in the parliamentary elections on 12 and 19 June 2022.
Aurélien Pradié, outgoing Member of Parliament for the first constituency of Lot, will be a candidate for his successor in the parliamentary elections on 12 and 19 June 2022. (© Archives Actu Lot)

Aurelien Pradieoutgoing LR deputy for Lot’s first constituency, becomes candidate for his inheritance below parliamentary elections June 12 and 19, 2022.

Fifteen days after the president’s verdict and less than a week after 500 citizens of Lot called him a candidate, the 36-year-old chosealso Secretary General of the party Republicans, wish “continue to defend Lot and all the inhabitants of Lot” in another term. He announced and explained this candidacy to the editorial staff at Actu Lot, Monday, May 2, 2022. Interview.

News: Why are you a candidate for your successor in Lot during the next legislative election?

Aurelien Pradie: It was the encouragement I got that made me decide to be a graduate. For weeks I have met Lotoises and Lotois – some of whom do not have my political ideas – who say to me: you must continue to carry our words and defend our territory. My Journey is a love story with Lot. I’m a kid from this department. I owe Lotois absolutely everything and what I want is to give it back to them!

“To be the Deputy for All Lotois”

Did Valérie Pécresses, the failure of the Republican presidential candidate and the political situation in your political party make you hesitate to represent yourself?

ON: None. I waited for the presidential election to pass before declaring myself a candidate because I just believe that the presidential election and the legislative election are two different elections. The National Assembly should not be the third round of presidential elections. Lotois must deny that political considerations will contaminate these parliamentary elections. When we elect an alternate, we are not choosing a political cap, but one we know. I do not believe in paratroopers, I do not believe in political opportunists, I do not believe that one can come from nowhere and become a deputy for Lot. I think you need to have a lasting, sincere relationship with Lotoises and Lotois. The choice of a deputy is the choice to be rooted. I have not forgotten my political beginnings, my mandate as Mayor of Labastide-Murat, and I know that today I have experience in defending the people of the area, defending them all without distinction in accordance with the promise I made when I was elected five years ago to represent all Lotois.

Exactly, for five years, how did you concretely illustrate the promise of being a substitute for all Lotois?

ON: This call to be a substitute for all Lotois, for all, will be the slogan of our election campaign, and it is truly the illustration of what I have been doing for five years. In addition to my political beliefs, which Lotois knows well, I have spent all my energy representing all Lotois regardless of their generations, their professions, their political beliefs, whether left-wing or right-wing. For 5 years, I received almost 5,000 people from Lot and worked with them to serve the public interest, I worked with elected officials from all sides and that from the beginning of my mandate when we launched the Rural School General States. I did the same with the mayors of Cahors and Gourdon to maintain and develop the department’s hospitals, but also when it came to defending the area’s large corporations.

“Now we know who Lot’s deputy is”

Can one effectively defend one’s territory when in opposition?

ON: Five years ago, I promised to be a deputy for all Lotois, but also to defend a number of major issues that were important to Lotois and to the French more generally. The first major cause was disability; the second: the fight against violence against women. These two struggles and the bills I tabled had a national impact and were each time supported by both the left and the right. This means that even when you are an opposition member, you can get things done. Perhaps even when one is an opposition MP who is free to speak, who has a voice that carries, one is much more respected than when one is an obedient MP in an inflated majority. For five years, I also defended another cause: rural areas, a form of territory under attack. I did this by always talking about Lot, by constantly being the promoter of our department. I also saw that the more time progressed and the more I became known on the national political scene, and the better I managed to defend the party.

Now we know who Lot’s deputy is, and we know where Lot’s department is. This is very valuable when it comes to making all the special conditions of our rural areas heard in a National Assembly, where the most heard territories are traditionally the urban areas.

Aurelien PradieMP for Lot

Candidate Pradiés three priorities

The election campaign will be short as there is a month left until the first round. What is your roadmap?

ON: I am going next week to meet the people of Lot, as I have always done for 5 years, to visit 10,000 houses in the constituency by going door to door, as I did when I started in politics. Remember, I did my first campaign on a moped. This time I want to drive crossover with a 4L that I bought a few months ago.
I am and intend to remain a member of the field. I must say that if I am re-elected, I intend to continue to spend as much time in Lot as in Paris. The people of Lot will be able to find me as soon as they need it.

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What do you offer Lotois in the next five years?

ON: I have three priorities. The first is health, which is the essential issue for our country and our department. I introduced a bill that was signed by hundreds of deputies to allow 4,000 young doctors to be sent on missions to rural areas. I also want to work dealing with emergencies, especially cardiac emergencies. I also want to support all the relatives who do an exceptional job and are not recognized enough.
So the question of childhood and adolescence. Tomorrow I will be an alternate to ensure that children are better educated, that our support and education system becomes more efficient and that young people get a job in the department. The lottery will only have a future if the younger generation finds a future there. This must not compromise solidarity with the elderly. Our seniors are a great wealth in our department and I want to continue to defend their pensions and their purchasing power.
Finally, one last point, that about Republican values. I have seen in a few years how weak we have been in the defense of the republic, secularism, freedom, brotherhood and equality. I do not understand that the Republic is withdrawing on all these issues. I want it heard and defended.

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