It is possible to buy luxury watches in crypto

Watches World’s luxury buying and reselling platform accepts Bitcoin (BTC) and major cryptocurrencies as payment. Thanks to the integration of Equip payment solutions, Watches World meets the expectations of cryptocurrency and non-cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Watchmaking has seduced enthusiasts for decades

Over the years, the complexity between blockchain technology and the luxury world increases as the credibility of decentralized digital players continues to increase. As protocols improve, the most capitalized cryptocurrencies tend to become real value holdings. Enormous capital is thus redistributed and protected, but the pursuit of diversification never stops for those seeking to grow and protect their assets.

As a result, some luxury players are opening up to the crypto ecosystem in hopes of combining a centuries-old traditional industry with the best in high-tech innovation. This is the case, for example, with Watches World, which now accepts cryptocurrencies.

Watches World is a platform for buying, selling and exchanging luxury watches. Provide customer support at every step of the buying or selling process to answer any questions customers may have.

Until 2019, the watch industry experienced a golden age. The beginning of the financial crisis of 2007-2008 marked the arrival of an exponential market in the form of capital. This allows major players in the industry to consolidate their dominance and conquer new horizons. In fact, unlike jewelry, a handful of brands have a huge market share. A bit like cryptocurrencies, where giants monopolize most of the capital.

Asset diversification is particularly valued

During the COVID crisis in 2020, the industry as a whole will experience a decline of around 25% and will see the emergence of new practices. As a result, the merchants at the heart of the system are gradually being deprived of a significant portion of their customer base. The world of watchmaking, so traditional and unchanging, is recovering from the shock of the pandemic by taking on new ways of doing things.

Watches World aims to be a platform that evolves over time by providing quality, fast assistance and cutting-edge expertise. So to develop this vision, the company accepts payment in Bitcoin (BTC) and all the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market value as long as they are convertible on Binance.

To provide this service, Watches World turned to Utrust’s payment solutions. The startup is well known in the cryptocurrency industry and was recently acquired by Elrond Network. It is a digital payment blockchain platform that enables companies to easily integrate cryptocurrency payment solutions.

Already used by many Web 3.0 companies, Equip allows instant purchases in cryptocurrency in full security, while the company immediately receives the transaction amount in fiat currency for a fee of 1% per. transaction.

A necessary adjustment to deal with geopolitical, economic, health and environmental crises, as the dynamics have a destabilizing effect. However, analysts prefer to consider catalytic phenomena. Yes, in turbulent times, people instinctively seek to rely on lasting values. If the passion for watchmaking has never wavered, authentic handmade watches will continue to be sold and exchanged.

A luxury watch can thus be considered a tangible, easily transportable and relatively fluid good, which you can of course insure. Diversity is an endless search for savvy investors. By combining the traditions of ancestral know-how with groundbreaking high-tech innovations, the purchase of a luxury watch is a real source of inspiration for investors.

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