Know your Venus sign to find your soulmate

We know his zodiac sign, his ascendant and sometimes his moon sign … but beyond this sacred triptych, the other planets are often overlooked in our astrological reading.

Yet Zodiac aficionados know this: it is by interesting us in its cosmic plane as a whole that we get the most answers, especially because certain planets have an important responsibility in our chart. This is the case with Venus.

“Considered a ‘useful’ planet, essential part of our cosmic puzzleVenus has long been seen as promising, which explains why the Romans named this planet after the goddess of love, beauty and money “, explains Aliza Kelly, American astrologer, for tempo.

The latter controls two zodiac signs: the Bull and the Libra, which bring sensuality to the first and sensitivity to the second.

Venus: the planet of love and aesthetics

Venus controls everything aesthetically: she guides us to what attracts us to the world, from objects to humans.

Very influential in establishing our passionsthe evening star – which is not a star – also plays a big role in our relationship with love in a broad sense, from the family to our intimate life partner, including our friends.

“Venus is (…) what attracts us, as well as our values ​​of beauty, harmony and peace. In its highest manifestation, it symbolizes love. This planet tells us about how we relate to others, in love or in friendship.”, Pola Von Grüt specifies in Get started with astrology (Ed. Larousse).

“Planet of love, romance, money, beauty and art, your birth Venus evokes the way you express your desires, your passions. It also has an impact on how you behave in society and how you attract others, ”says astrologer Lisa Stardust, for with style.

Do you know your venus sign, the infallible cosmic tool for finding love?

But if Venus is known to be an irresistible land of love and beauty, it is really only a superficial facade.

While we may be tempted to compare our Venusian signs with the beloved – or coveted – being, it is more of a planet that encourages us to understand our own relationship to love, than our compatibility with love.

“Learning more about your Venus sign is a very effective way to touch the heart of love directly, allowing us to study our relationship with others and not necessarily find the key to irresistibility,” astro journalist Nina Kahn states at. Busyness.

Take effect, this planet reveals above all our idealization of love and would not be the infallible guide to follow to build our relationship. “Although Venus’ wishes are alluring, they do not necessarily translate into reality or, perhaps more importantly, into what is actually lasting for our souls, ”warns Aliza Kelly.

Position of Venus in the natal chart

Either way, even though knowing your Venusian sign will not give you the answer to the perfect love equation, it’s good to know where it fits into your natal chart, not just which zodiac sign it belongs to. It was at the time of your birth.

“LThe placement of Venus in your natal chart is extremely important. This planet helps define our relationship to the finer things in life.”, The astrologer continues for Lure. Sometimes it could even lead some of us in the direction of artistic careers.

Aliza Kelly therefore recommends looking beyond the sign that Venus possessed at the time of your birth, and also identifying its connections with the other planets.

“For example, if Venus is linked to Mercury, communication will play an important role in your relationship. Venus’ connection to Mars, on the other hand, reveals the interplay between sex and love: do they work harmoniously or do they serve completely different purposes?

To do this, you need to have your birth chart established and interpreted by a professional. “The planets tell a story, and as you continue to study their positions, you begin to unlock your unique cosmic narrative. Your theme exists for a reason, but it is up to you to interpret your individual truth,” the specialist recalls.

Venus in the zodiac

Venus in Aries

That Aries are strong and powerful warriors. Even Venus – the most sensual planet in the sky – can not match the burning energy of an Aries, “says Aliza Kelly. Very competitive, Venus and Aries are in a balance of power. Humans born under this scheme will be very sensitive to each other, for physical touch, for the exciting spontaneity of a relationship and for small quarrels to keep the flame alive.

Venus and Taurus

that Bull is ruled by Venus. Both very artistic and creative, they have no problems getting together and create a harmonious dynamic. Although Venus in Taurus is extremely romantic, she also knows how to defend what she wants. People born under this schedule need a relationship that is rooted in reality, otherwise they will seek comfort elsewhere, ”warns the expert.

Venus in Gemini

Characterized by his talents in communication, drawn by twin merges with Venus’ artistic curiosity, always looking for new beauties. “Expression is essential for Venus in Gemini, so those born under this talkative heaven find joy in squeezing their curiosity, sometimes even a little too much. For them, in love, there is often no difference between friend and lover. – in fact, Venus in Gemini prefers ambiguity “, the astrologer explains Lure.

Venus in Cancer

Secret and sensitive, it Cancer must feel safe opening the doors of his heart. If you have your Venus in cancer, then you will seek to build all your relationships on trust, protection and loyalty. Just as the crab carries her home on its back, Venus in Cancer is happiest when she builds a partnership that can lead to the establishment of a safe home where trust reigns, “image Aliza Kelly.

Venus in Leo

Real romantic, the Lion, ruled by his heart, is a lover of love. In her sign, Venus is “burning”. Here Venus idealizes the concept the power couple – she is constantly looking for her co-ruler. The relationship takes on a different dimension under this birth pattern, as the lion sees their partner as a reflection of their own identity. ”

Venus and Virgo

Pragmatic and organized when pushed by Venus Virgin becomes sensual. “Subtle and measured gestures make the heart of a Venus in Virgo beat faster. For these lovers, there really is nothing more romantic than the detail, as when their companion decides to take their hand,” the American astrologer emphasizes.

Venus in Libra

Second and last sign to be controlled by Venus, the energy of Balance comes tenfold the effects of the shepherd’s star. “Where Venus stimulates the physical side of Taurus, in Libra, it is placed more on the cerebral attraction. People who have their Venus in Libra are absolute aesthetes. They place great emphasis on their style and are demanding in love,” warns Aliza Kelly.

Venus and Scorpio

Mysterious sign, the Scorpio is adorned with a special light when connected to the planet of aesthetics. “When sensual Venus takes on this sign, she is enchanted by its intense, mysterious and karmic side. Venus in Scorpio likes everything that presents a hint of danger, those born under this elusive sky seek a deep and erotic intimacy , which will enlighten them from within and bring spice to their lives “, according to the star specialist.

Venus in Sagittarius

Traveler, philosopher, adventurer, the Sagittarius has everything to please Venus, in the constant search for beauty. “People who have their Venus in Sagittarius are attracted to explorers, nomads and daredevils. The adventure is very exciting for these ardent lovers, but nothing pleases them more than a keen sense of humor. They like to have fun, laughter will always be their number one aphrodisiac, ”explains the expert.

Venus in Capricorn

Always temperate, the Capricorn is one of the only signs that manages to calm the burning and sensual Venus. “Although Venusian energy is dampened by Capricorn’s characteristic stoicism, this planet finds its erotic outlet by experimenting with power dynamics and role-playing. People born under Venus in Capricorn will have fun pushing their boundaries, especially in their sexuality,” continues Aliza Kelly .

Venus in Aquarius

under your sign Aquarius, Venus is disturbed. With this Venusian location, in love, we will have to expect everything. “Venus in Aquarius finds joy in discord. For this lover, the ideal partnership can not be defined, he refuses to describe interpersonal ties through societal conventions. Of course, he draws to eccentric, liberal and rebellious individuals,” reports the astrologer.

Venus in Pisces

If the energy of The fish is usually hard to contain, it does not scare Venus, who even finds himself elated by it. In this sign, Venus operates at its highest vibration. A Venus in Pisces finds beauty in absolutely everything, and is particularly attracted to creative pursuits such as music and art. For these lovers, romance is deeply spiritual, ”the American concludes.

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