This week, these 3 cryptocurrencies have been a real hit

Are you looking for cryptocurrencies that are on the rise? Below is a list of the digital assets that have seen a sharp rise this week. By comparison, Bitcoin is stable over the period, although it hit its lowest level (since March) a few hours ago.

Disclaimer: The performance for the last 7 days is taken from the CoinMarketCap page and is not an indication of the future performance of the coins presented. This article is by no means investment advice.. Take the time to do your own research and analysis.

Tron (TRX): + 17% over the last 7 days

The Tron project has experienced renewed interest over the past few days. The reason ? A Twitter post from its whimsical creator Justin Sun, which hinted that he wanted to create his own decentralized stablecoin, USDD (Decentralized USD).

Based on the same principle as the UST for the Terra (Luna) ecosystem, this stablecoin should be put into circulation from 5 May 2022.

The icing on the cake is above all the implementation of a savings product that can offer 30% interest over a year. Your Livret A will pale in comparison to it. The latter is of course officially guaranteed by the French state, you can not say the same about this alternative investment.

STEPN (GMT): + 8% in the last week

You’ve probably heard of crypto-STEPN. It’s a real sensation on social networks.

This innovative concept in the web3 ecosystem allows its players to make money by walking or running, hence the concept of Move to Earn.

This application has attracted millions of athletes around the world, and in record time. To participate, purchase an NFT of running shoes through the STEPN application, equip it, and then train yourself outdoors. Previously, it would be necessary to be sponsored by a member to obtain a registration code.

Despite a price increase of more than 2,000% within the last 60 days, STEPN continues its momentum and does not appear to be slowing down, as shown by this graph provided by Google Trends (which allows you to see how popular a query is on Google). The ecosystem benefits from two virtual currencies: GST and GMT.

Google Trends Crypto STEPN

© Google

Dogecoin (DOGE): + 6.66% over the last 7 days

Is it still necessary to present the most famous “meme” corner of the crypto universe? Despite a rather tense climate in the financial markets, it is clear that Elon Musk’s preferred digital asset is holding up well.

It must be said that Musk’s takeover of Twitter potentially opens the door to Dogecoin’s arrival on the social network. Simple rumor or real possibility? No one knows.

One thing is for sure, the community around Dogecoin remains extremely cohesive and noisy on social networks. So we are not done hearing about the DOGEN.

Are you interested in this crypto? In that case, take the time to read our guide on how to buy Dogecoin.

An unexpected trio

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