why the Netflix romcom deserves your attention

Because we were seduced by the queer romantic comedy heartbreaking on Netflix we give you 3 good reasons to be seduced.

At Ecran Large we are used to unpleasant surprises. To soft or lazy superhero movies despite their $200 million, to noir films that are more innocent than a game of Cluedo, or to action-adventure productions that make us regret our first Indiana Jones† Conversely, some productions, Future Crimes from David Cronenberg to Everything Everywhere All at once from the A24 team, inhale the quality production that, unsurprisingly, makes the editors enthusiastic.

However, we are talking to you today about a program that did not have the head of the track: heartbreaking† A queer romantic comedy on Netflix that could have looked like all the clichés of the genre, with everything that comes with it from bodybuilders, far-fetched conspiracies, opiate overdoses and sex. However, it is nothing.

Based on Alice Oseman’s graphic novels, the eight-episode 25-minute series takes us back to the days when we read comics Lou with a flashlight under the duvet. So we’ll give you a few reasons to break the ice and get started right now.

Heart Stopper: Photo, Kit ConnorWe were all crazy when we were fifteen, we don’t have to hide


When you think of the teen drama genre, you probably need to remember it Euphoria13 reasons whyElite or Sex education (perhaps the elders among you will remember it too Hides† In all these programs we find junk, sometimes brilliantly distilled, sometimes without any thrift. It has now become common in these productions to depict sex, eating disorders, self-mutilation (sometimes even suicide), or powerful drug addictions.

The portrayal of adolescence for Hollywood, that’s it. Take tons of drugs, fuck a lot and have bad health. In heartbreakingyou won’t find this† The series chronicles the encounter between Charlie (Joe Locke), a ninth grader who came out as gay a year earlier, and Nick (Kit Connor), a sophomore newcomer with whom he shares a class. They quickly become friends.

Heart Stopper: Photo, Kit Connor, Joe LockeI promise, the snow ain’t in CGI (that’s a lie)

The series is a breath of fresh air in the romantic comedy genre. It is indeed more accessible, as it is less fraught with shocking or explicit sequences, but also much lighter and more optimistic. You will have butterflies in your stomach when you see couples forming, teenagers holding hands or kissing for the first time.

However, heartbreaking is not crazy. No more than pimply fifteen-year-old teenagers, at least† The series also manages to accurately narrate the education of certain queer characters, showing the multifaceted violence they endure, without turning them into martyrs to create shocking images. In short, the world ofheartbreaking is not quite pink and in sugar, on the contrary it is quite realistic and avoids the pitfall of competing in the competition of the dirtiest.

Heart stopper: photo, Corinna Brown

You are even entitled to references to Donnie Darko or Moonlight


The strength of the series is not only in the authentic character. heartbreaking works primarily as a romantic comedy thanks to his solar casting which, for once, is close to the exception. Charlie and Nick are excellent protagonists, each in their own way, who complement each other perfectly.

Joe Locke makes Charlie look mischievous and sensitive, without ever being an unsettling cliché. He’s strong enough to stand up to the homophobia of his high school bosses, while vulnerable enough to always question what he can bring into a romantic relationship. Nick is a true Labrador, benevolent, popular and energetic, under the guise of Kit Connor.

Heart Stopper: Photo, Kit Connor, Joe Locke

We dare you not to enjoy seeing them on screen together.

If we find there the classic hallmark of teen drama (take actors nearly twenty to play schoolboys barely fifteen, nobody is perfect), not being inundated with images of perfectly trained adult bodies is liberatingRiverdaleEuphoriawe think of you) for the youngest who will drink from the series, without immediately feeding complexes.

The rest of the cast is of the same kind, closer to cool and trendy high school students than adults in disguise. All of them also have a design that makes their personality immediately accessible, but not uninteresting. You’ll be delighted to discover them in British school uniforms with everything that goes with impeccable blazers and ties. There’s even Olivia Colman, you wouldn’t want to disappoint her would you?

Heart Stopper: Photo, Kit Connor, Joe LockeIf your heart is at 120 beats per minute

Charlie’s Universe

Finally, if you had to be definitively convinced to give a chance to heartbreaking, we want to tell you about its staging. You probably noticed that already images in the series contain animations on the screen. This is a throwback to the original form of the story, the graphic novel

All these originalities doesn’t stop the series from delivering what’s expected of a traditional teen rom-com† Whether it’s giant parties that end in a kiss, high school bullying, or gym class with locker room discussions, heartbreaking honors the genre by meeting the usual specifications.

Nevertheless, the series finds some originalities, for example in the Instagram conversations that it manages to make dynamic. This feeling of seeing a contact while writing, deleting their message, this expectation and finally this fear of a negative reaction (or worse, of a lack of response) when entrusted to their interest, the series understood it .

Heart stopper: photo, Yasmin FinneyThe multicolored art direction is a feast for the eyes

If these few reasons weren’t enough to make you devour this romantic comedy that lasts a little over three hours in total, we’re sorry to inform you that while writing Big Screen, you certainly have no heart. Netflix viewers were not mistaken, if the series landed on the platform on April 22, 2022, it was already in the top 10 of the platform for the period from 18 to 24 the following week.

In just three days, the series has managed to climb to the seventh rung of the ranking with over 14 million hours watched.† As for critical reception, the film has a score of 84/100 on Metacritic or 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. So you no longer have any reason not to be tempted.

Heartstopper is waiting for you to frolic on Netflix since April 22, 2022

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