a16z launches crypto research laboratory

The cream of the crop for crypto research ! – The investment fund Adreessen Horowitz (a16z) had warned in January 2022: it wants diversify your crypto projects. Thus, a16z has just announced the creation of a laboratory dedicated solely to research into the crypto ecosystem.

A research laboratory dedicated to solving problems that the crypto industry faces

The venture capital company a16z has announced the establishment of a multidisciplinary research laboratory, the purpose of which is to solve problems emergencies in the crypto space. This laboratory called a16z Crypto Research » will be close Cooperation with the companies that make up the venture capitalist’s investment portfolio. In addition, this laboratory is directly inspired by DeepMind and OpenAI which are two examples of modern and prosperous laboratories that have made it possible to great progress withinartificial intelligence.

that general partner from a16z, Ali Yahyasaid:

“When a revolutionary new technology has general application and can be used for all sorts of different things, an industrial research laboratory typically helps to build a bridge between academia and industry. »

Logo for a16z, the investment giant

Thus, a16z Crypto Research will be responsible for identifying and resolving basic research problems which are currently barriers to public adoption of cryptocurrencies. This research will certainly make it possible develop new tools that can help crypto companies grow their business.

Moreover, in parallel with the solution of existing problems, the a16z laboratory wants to advanced technology of the next generation of the Internet, ie Web 3. In addition, the working group for a16z Crypto Research will not only focus on topics within the field of engineering, but can also focus on topics under a more sociological angle. For example, the way NFT must be thought under the prism of art historyor the effect of decentralization of political science.

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A shock team for the laboratory created by a16z

Tim Roughgarden will lead the research laboratory launched by a16z. He is a professor at Columbia and Stanford Universities in the United States, also specializing in computer games and author of several articles on webtema 3.

Next, Dan Bonehlearns fromcomputer science and electrical engineering at Stanford University will join the a16z Crypto Research. He will hold the post as Senior Advisor in research. This professor has already supported the investment fund Four years. He also teaches the technologies on which cryptocurrencies are based Stanford Center for Blockchain Research.

In addition, the team will welcome the university researcher Joseph Bonneau who is interested in privacy on social media and cryptocurrencies. The Economist Scott Duke Komineras well as the former researcher and cryptographer for the project unemployment benefits blockchain, Valeria Nikolaenko, will also be part of the team that makes up the a16z laboratory. Finally, it should still be enriched by other talents, as a16z at the end of the press release invites researchers interested in applying.

With the launch of its research laboratory, the investment fund a16z seems to want to copy its competitor Paradigm. Take effect, Paradigm gained rapid momentum in the crypto VC field, thanks in part to the power of its internal research team.

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