Aurélien Pradié announces her candidacy for the parliamentary elections in Lot

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The member of the party’s 1st district will be a candidate in the parliamentary elections on June 12, he has just announced it. At 36 years old, Aurélien Pradié is campaigning for another term in the Assembly.

“If there was any kind of evidence, it is not a decision we take lightly,” admits Aurélien Pradié. This new mandate, which the Lotois deputy wants to run for 5 years within the Les Républicains group in the National Assembly, should be an opportunity to defend three major issues for Lotois, as he explains.

“These three issues will be health first, based on my bill tabled in February last year. In particular, tools need to be put in place to distribute the 4,000 young doctors in the territory, establish a doctor-junior status, starting next year or work “I also want to defend rural areas and services. We must not allow our public services to become impoverished, we must defend our agriculture and our specific needs. such as home help. I want to be a spokesman for rural areas,” he warns.

“I was 21 years old, I campaigned on a moped to meet the inhabitants”

Finally, this third project, which the outgoing deputy wants to undertake, will be the values ​​of the French Republic. “I see that my country is giving up its great republican principles, being weakened on several basic republican ideas. For me, there is no question of entering into a pact with the extremes.”

It is clear that Aurélien Pradié also does not intend to let go of the struggles of this previous mandate. About disability, he says it modestly “it’s his DNA”, which only evokes his father’s disappearance last year. In the fight against domestic violence: “The law that succeeded comes from Lot, we have received it from our department, but we can go further, such as the forms of violence against children”.

As a 36-year-old, Lot’s MP has already had many years of involvement in politics and has not lost any of the passion that has driven him since day one. “I was 21 years old, I campaigned on a Mobylette to meet the residents”. A little blink, this time it’s in a white 4L, he wants to travel the roads in his constituency to chat with the people of Lot. “In 5 years, I have collected more than 3,000 trips through our department, met more than 4,000 students to talk to them about the work of a deputy, but I have also received more than 5,000 people from Lot in my parliamentary office. At Castle Bourbon, it is about 7,400 amendments, bills and various measures that I have defended “, maintains Aurélien Pradié.

“I hate weathercocks in politics, career men and hiding places. I have values, I’m not for sale”

As for his political convictions, he denies them not only, but rather, he defends them. “I hate weathercocks in politics, career men and hiding places. I have values, I’m not for sale. And these legislative choices have nothing to do with the presidential election. In addition, the people of Lot know my investment in among Republicans; what matters to me , is to represent the Lotois, not the colors of a party.They are my most beautiful love story, it’s a personal relationship.I will continue to make them proud and remain worthy of their trust.I will share my time between Lot and Paris, on a fair way.I want to stay connected to the realities of my department and I want a word that weighs in the half cycle because mine counts after 5 years.In addition, I have the feeling of being more effective today than in the beginning, for also having earned the respect of my political opponents, although I have sometimes pushed them, it is easier to make Lot’s interests heard “, and refers in passing to the” election in 2017, which when the ns department brought political dominance on space “, and to have fun this time” by parachuting, which will make deputies poticher … “

This recognition, won in politics, will see Deputy Aurélien Pradié in the campaign along with François Baroin, Mayor of Troyes, Christian Jacob, President of the Republicans and Jean-Luc Moudenc, Mayor of Toulouse, all waiting in Lot.

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