“Bears Floating”: Jayet’s bear in the land of the NFTs

Its name might not mean much to you if you’re not a fan of pop art. But Jayet is already part of the NFT story, with one first collaboration more than successful in launching lucky ducks. The artist has made a name for himself in the very closed circle of art and visual artists. Very famous for his bear, symbol of his works, Jayet has already had the opportunity to perform collaborations in emblematic places. We can especially quote the esplanade at MUCEM in Marseille, the intercontinental or even very famous galleries.


Jayet: from pop art to NFT, the evolution of an original artist

@Jayet in Marseille

Jayet is a visual artist from the pop art movement, which is gradually evolving towards the NFT world. He arrives with a new collection ” Floating bears»And a drop type«Tryptic numerical physics“But what is all this?”

The triptych actually consists of a variation of the same work on three supports. The first is a sculpture in the physical world. The second is a hologram showing a bear trapped in a physical frame representing a holographic 3D version of the same sculpture. Finally, the third medium is digital and allows you to simply transport the work in your smartphone or tablet.

You now know what the concept isTryptic numerical physics, that Jayet was the first artist in the world to achieve it. It integrates perfectly with the NFTs, as collectors want an NFT that will serve as a certificate of authenticity for the sculptures and the version of holographic support. A work that the artist undertook to adapt to the development of new technologies. The latter came to interfere in the art world with the recent wave of NFT.

The artist has always been fascinated by bears: from a very young age in duvets, in delights, but also in the collective imagination. It is therefore only natural that he chose the bear as the emblem of his art.

Jayet is an international 3.0 artist specializing in sculpture, NFT design, holograms, paintings, sculptures … Today he is the first artist to put this type of triptych for sale.

French plastic designer, his story begins with a bear, an iconic animal that shakes the childhood of many children. The Jayet bear represents both gentleness and power. He is unique in the world: biface, blink on the tail side, big eyes and smile on the front, arms wide open. He is like Janus the “god of transitionswith two heads, 2,000 years old. The difference ? The bear smiles to the future with its blink. And why two sides? The first page represents the bear amazed at the world around him with round eyes, wide open. The other represents José Garcia with his lucky and benevolent wink.

The largest bear in the world is located in Marseille and measures more than 6 meters. With its orange color, it does not go unnoticed if you are going through Marseille’s capital.

floating-bear exhibit

From 2022, Jayet will launch a new NFT catalog in collaboration with Cointribune, Cointelegraph and Metakira, especially on the famous peninsula Paris.

An exhibition is also being prepared in the Carreau du Temple from May 2022. The opportunity to unveil a 35-ton, 5-storey project he is designing: A Giant Rooster exclusive to the Rugby World Cup and Paris Olympics in 2022 .

But in addition to its more traditional creations, Jayet launches a new NFT collection titled “Floating bears ». A very organic movement against NFTs given Jayet’s artistic career, which later liberated himself as an artist. Thus, in a recent interview, he stated that during his studies, he had learned sculpture with hammer, awl, chisels with tips and steps. Today he uses more modern techniques, such as. Jeff Koons.

I draw, then I refine with graphic designers, 3D specialists, resins and painters. It’s a lot of good meetings, exchanges and work. To turn the idea into action, a large team is needed. And it has to expand, because I make bears in concrete, in wood, in marble, in stainless steel and also in bronze and holograms. »


The opportunity to position yourself on the NFT collection of an artist who is not at his first attempt and who, on the contrary, is gradually taking steps to embrace the NFT revolution.

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