Cassandra (La Villa 7) returns to her bad joke to Giovanni: ‘I wanted revenge’

After two years of tumultuous relationship and a complicated cohabitation in Marseille, Cassandra Jullia finally realized the facts: his story with Théo Sentenac is impossible. Cheating, lies, strife, the young woman no longer likes what she has always blamed him for. So she leaves him and for the third time in a row she joins The villa of broken hearts to solve his love problem with Lucie. A few hours after his arrival, she literally falls in love with Giovanniand this attraction is mutual!

While they started a beautiful relationship, Cassandra has just broken the young man’s trust. She looks back on this painful episode.

Cassandra leaves Giovanni for Theo? The joke that does not go away

If the two candidates immediately got closer in the villa, Cassandra still criticizes Giovanni for his very ambiguous relationship with his best friend Carla Talon. Gio is very attached to the ex-Miss Aquitaine and will then make an effort by promising to distance herself from the latter. While everything went well for the new couple, a huge quarrel broke out in the villa !

In the most recent sections of The Villa of Broken Hearts 7The Love Team wanted to put the candidates face to face with their past with “The Return of the Exes”.

If Charlotte Bobb and Belle had a date with two ex-boyfriends, Cassandra, she’s called to the patio. For Giovanni, there is no doubt that her ex Theo came to win her back … When she returns from her ordeal, Cass makes a bad joke. She makes her treasure and the other inhabitants believe that she is leaving the adventure to give her ex a chance.

Giovanni is out of his mind! Surprised by Gio’s reaction, Cassandra, who was holding a portrait of Theo in her hands, admits the deception. But it’s too late. Her furious treasure accuses her of playing with her emotions.

“I’ll never be with Theo again!”

Cassandra tries in tears to catch up and explains that she saw an ex of Giovanni on video who told her to take care.

After this, she wanted to test him by playing him a dirty trick. But the injury has happened, and Giovanni, hurt by such a repulsive joke, no longer wants to talk to him.. A huge clash breaks out between the two! So what went through Cassandra’s head? That’s the question viewers are asking …

After receiving a good deal of negative comments, after the broadcast of the unpublished episode of Villa 7explains the young woman at the end of a long video: “I will never talk about her because she came to get her small sum! I was aware that nothing had happened between Gio and this girl on video on the terrace. It was not her ex, he owed her nothing, she is disgusting! It still made me angry and I’m a kid. So I made a joke that did not go over at all … I will never come back in a relationship with Théo! I no longer have love for that person. “

“The joke was my idea. I wanted to test Gio’s love for me. Even the journalist had asked me if I would bear the consequences. It went wrong… I feel guilty! I was really selfish at the time. Even today, I apologize to Gio. We see how he suffered then … I did not achieve anything at that time. It was a sick joke, but I could not see the damage. I wanted revenge for what he did with Carla and Charlotte when I was a coach. But when I see the episodes, I want to give myself 50 slaps. For once, I found myself a good actress! I understand your reactions, but I’m not a bad person. “

If the two lovers seem incompatible in the fairy tale, viewers wonder where their relationship is so far.

In her video, Cassandra leaves us in suspense: “You will see soon!” But according to blogger Clash.tvshow, the couple is still relevant: “Apparently, Cassandra and Giovanni are still flirting and are still not a couple. They’ve been flirting for 10 years, lazy! “


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