expert says Amber Heard suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder

Amber Heard, according to an expert in post-traumatic stress disorder, is suffering from Johnny Depp’s violence. POOL / REUTERS

In the trial between the two stars, testimony in favor of the actress has begun: According to an expert, she suffers from post-traumatic stress after the episodes of violence that her ex-husband has committed.

Actress Amber Heard suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder caused by “intimate violence” inflicted by Johnny Depp, claimed Dawn Hughes, a psychology expert, on Tuesday, May 4, in the libel case brought by the actor from The Pirates of the Caribbean against his ex-wife.

Johnny Depp showed an “obsession with control” and “obsessed with jealousy” throughout their “very fleeting” relationship, Dawn Hughes added. She is a clinical and forensic psychologist and was the first witness called by the 36-year-old actress’s lawyers in this trial, which began three weeks ago in Fairfax Court near Washington.

In the video, Johnny Depp broke out in laughter during the trial against Amber Heard

Johnny Depp, 58, claims his ex-wife ruined his reputation and career after he wrote an op-ed in 2018. washington post, where she claimed to have been subjected to domestic violence in 2016, without, however, quoting her ex-husband. He is demanding $ 50 million in compensation. The actress, who testified for four days, denies ever having raised a hand on her ex-wife and assured that it was her who was violent.

Violent behavior

Amber Heard has gone on the counterattack seeking $ 100 million, claiming to have been subjected to “physical abuse and assault” since they met in 2009 and during their tumultuous two-year marriage, from 2015 to 2017. In 2016, she had sued her man for domestic violence before dismissing these charges during the divorce case.

Dr. Hughes explained to jurors that she had made a “definitive diagnosis” of post-traumatic stress disorder after four tests with Amber Heard, who she said demonstrated “violence from her partner in this relationship”. Dr. Hughes said that when the actor ‘was drunk or stoned, he dumped her (Amber Heard, editor’s note) on the bed, ripped her nightgown off and tried to have sex with her, “before adding,” he would force her to perform oral sex on him when he was angry. It was not moments of love, it was moments of dominance “, says the Daily Mail.

Amber Heard, the beauty that melts Johnny Depp

Another time, when Depp accused a woman of beating his wife, “he did a body search,” Dr. Hughes. She said “he was looking for drugs”, adding that Depp thought it was “acceptable to rip off his nightgown and stick his fingers in the vagina looking for cocaine”, the British daily reveals.

“He kicked him in the back”

According to Dr. Hughes spoke to Amber Heard about “behavior of physical violence” and “sexual violence.” “He pushed her, pushed her, hit her with her back and palm,” she said. “He strangled her, pushed her against a wall, pushed her, and she fell. He kicked her in the back.”

Her testimony is set to continue on Wednesday, and Amber Heard is set to take a stand this week. Earlier, his lawyers had unsuccessfully asked Judge Penney Azcarate to dismiss Johnny Depp’s complaint, which they said had not provided evidence of defamation.

Her findings contradict another psychologist, Shannon Curry, who claimed last week that the actressAquaman suffered from personality disorders and had “grossly exaggerated” the symptoms of PTSD, she said she suffered from.

Misses winning

“The court should accept this proposal to annul because of the convincing evidence that it was in fact he who assaulted Amber,” explained the actress’s lawyer, Ben Rottenborn. This request, which is customary in the US legal system, is rarely met, and Judge Azcarate considered that there were enough elements to continue the trial.

Specializing in accounting operations and the latest witness summoned by Johnny Depp’s lawyers, Mike Spindler on Tuesday morning estimated that the actor had suffered a deficit of about $ 40 million after the publication of the editorial, especially by being excluded from the saga of The Pirates of the Caribbean in 2019 by Disney Studios.

The star’s fees had exceeded $ 30 million in 2017, his agent had estimated the day before. In April 2018, the British tabloid The sun accused Johnny Depp of being “a violent husband”. The actor sued the newspaper and lost in a lawsuit that revealed his drug and alcohol abuse.

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