In 51 years with Patrick Loiseau, Dave was in love with a woman, a famous host, who could have broken up their couple

Dave has been dating Patrick Loiseau for over 50 years. However, their relationship did not stop the singer from loving a woman we all know. We’ll tell you more.

If the marriage between Patrick Loiseau and his buddy gets stronger day by day since their meeting, there have also been times when their romance could have been broken.

Yes, in the ’80s, Dave “madly” fell in love with someone other than his treasure. This is none other than the famous host Olivia Adriaco.

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For information, it was on February 7, 1971 that Dave met the man of his life. The couple has since remained united and continues to spin the perfect love. Still, the two dwarf parrots thought they would not last more than 8 years together, as revealed by the singer during one of his interviews.

“We beat this observation well”,

he said.

If the two also did not think that their relationship would not work, it was because there were a few points that set them up against each other.

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In fact, Dave smoked in the beginning and watched football, unlike his beloved. Thus, it was difficult for Patrick Loiseau to live with the singer. After all, they still ended up having a life together.

Besides, Dave had no easy way out when his father did not give him his support. However, this did not prevent the musician from fully living his homosexuality and getting into a relationship with Patrick Loiseau.

With the latter, the interpreter of “Vanina” maintains a discreet relationship. And if they preferred to keep their privacy away from the media, it’s because their couple is not “commercial,” as the interpreter of “Vanina” said.

Singer Dave and his companion Patrick Loiseau | Photo: Getty Images

But despite this estimate, Patrick Loiseau and his companion, who could come out of a coma, have never sought that their idyll is secret. The proof? Dave always comes up with a nice statement to her husband every chance he gets.

During an interview, the one born on May 4, 1944, for example, said that his treasure is one of “the most beautiful things” that has happened to him in life.

Singer Dave with one of his dogs. l Source: Getty Images

Despite their passionate love, however, Patrick and his lover never wanted to get married. If he had gone to this stage, it was only for administrative reasons that the singer trusted. Note that it was Marc-Olivier Fogiel himself who had advised the two dwarf parrots to say “yes”.

Decades later, the couple are still just as in love with each other and in their dog, Clara, who “brings them in a good mood”, they found the perfect family.

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If Dave and Patrick Loiseau have never separated since their meeting, there was still a time when their marriage almost fell apart. Why ? Because Dave had fallen “madly in love” with a woman.

In 2004, the interpreter of “On the side of Swann” had entrusted France on Sunday, where years ago he felt feelings for the beautiful Olivia Adriaco.

The latter met the host in the 80s “to make a photo novel”, and Dave had succumbed to the charm of the beautiful blonde, even though they were both in a relationship at the time. .

Olivia Adriaco in concert at Hammam Club. | Photo: Getty Images

Patrick Loiseau was particularly aware of her husband’s feelings towards Olivia Adriaco because the singer pronounced the host’s first name “ten times a day”, according to her words.

“So he understood that I was a little in love”,

trusted the singer on the set of “We are almost live”, in October 2020.

Olivia Adriaco and Olivier Carreras for the Dolce Vita party hosted by jeweler Bulgari at the Théâtre de l’Empire in Paris. | Photo: Getty Images

But this love that Dave had for Olivia could not convince the one he had for Patrick Loiseau.

“Once we’ve been together for 50 years, we can fall in love elsewhere, but we’ll stay together if it’s more interesting,”

he said.

Words proving that nothing and no one can break the marriage between the two dwarf parrots.

Olivia Adriaco during the 46th Monte-Carlo TV Festival – the opening ceremony arrives at the Grimaldi Forum in Monte-Carlo, Monaco. | Photo: Getty Images

As for Olivia Adriaco, who was born on February 5, 1966, quit her job on television to become a landscape architect in the Basque Country. If she likes her new job, the path she has taken to get to this position has not been easy for the beautiful blonde.

For three years, Olivia followed a distance training, “from 9.00 to 18.00”, which she paid for with her savings.

“I lived in a small apartment. It is not easy to perform small tasks when you are known and recognized”,

she revealed.

Olivia Adriaco participates in the “Gala de la Presse” organized by the association Action Innocence on January 9, 2009 in the Chapiteau du cirque Phoenix in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images

After all, the beautiful blonde never gave up and managed to achieve her biggest dream. This nature lover especially founded his own company called “Blossom Paysage” in 2017.


As mentioned above, Dave and Patrick Loiseau have loved perfectly for over 50 years. If the two lovebirds have kept their relationship that long, it’s because they have a longevity secret that Dave ended up revealing during one of his interviews.

Singer Dave and his companion Patrick Loiseau. | photo: Getty Images

At France Dimanche, the Dutchman has actually revealed that “surprise and give” is part of the recipes needed to make a marriage last. The man who left his cigar addiction for her husband added that every couple would always have to compromise if they want their romance.

And finally, the last secret behind the lifetime of Dave and Patrick’s relationship is none other than never sleeping apart. This also applies during quarrels, because according to the singer, it helps a couple enormously to patch things together after a small quarrel. Tips to take note of!

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