Lettershop embellishes your offices by embossing your logos

How to stand out and attract candidates? What are the keys to retaining them in the battle for talent? How do you create a sense of belonging and pride in your employees? Should we play the card of originality, well-being or both? So many questions that brands have to deal with on a daily basis. And for good reason: the expectations, needs and habits of working people have changed, leading to new trends… and new organizations at work. From now on, employers have everything to gain by betting on the furnishing and furnishing of their offices. These tell a story, such as the Coca-Cola bottles that serve as lighting in the buildings of the brand of the same name. In this way, these (often underestimated) elements will reflect the identity, the culture but also the values ​​of the company. In fact, they help build a positive brand image. And Lettershop understood that.

Decoration: a brand not to be overlooked

The interior design of workspaces is far from insignificant, but can positively influence not only internal teams, candidates, but also clients and partners during their fleeting passages in the company. Note that the first impression is always essential. Hence the importance of creating a unique and recognizable atmosphere, which materializes and reflects the DNA of the company. The furniture, colours, wallpaper, logos, sign, floor, ceiling and lighting should therefore be designed with this in mind. To take advantage of this office automation strategy, it is therefore necessary to know yourself well (history, codes, values, etc.), to question your employees, to search, to record the unspoken, but also to ask yourself the right questions. What message do we want to convey through decoration?

Likewise, it generates well-being at work and performance. Needless to say, workspaces have become our living spaces: we spend most of our time there, even if it means further blurring the lines between professional and personal life. That is why it is important to provide a relaxed, inspiring, welcoming, motivating and healthy work environment. Note that 9 out of 10 employees are more productive and creative when their offices are well laid out, according to a study by Actineo. So they should feel at home there. And all the more so as it is necessary to support a resumption of activity in the offices after a long period of teleworking in a “personal cocoon”

In addition, developing a person in a judiciously designed environment that reflects the spirit of the company helps to strengthen their sense of belonging and their motivation, which are therefore synonymous with productivity. As they say, a happy employee is a 12% more productive employee. Of course, the place must also be functional, ergonomic, practical, modular and not just aesthetic, in order to strengthen cohesion and team spirit. The idea? Adapt the work environment to the needs of the group and not the other way around!

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Finally, office furnishing is also a lever for competitiveness. Strategically, the decoration is indeed an argument of ” sale “, which gives your interlocutor confidence. As for recruiting, this is an important asset to convince potential recruits to stay. Succeeding in furnishing ingenious and pleasant workplaces is therefore the guarantee for a sustainable and thriving company and for a strong employer brand. As a reminder, this consists of applying brand logic to the recruitment and management of a company’s human resources.

Workplaces are going green!

Faced with the rise of environmental and ethical issues, there is a growing trend towards offices advocating for more responsible, sustainable, green and authentic messages. To do this we promote good habits (sorting, zero waste, anti-waste, etc.), we prefer fresh and organic products in the cafeteria, we focus on natural materials, we add plants, we create walls plants … Many studies have shown the benefits of an office inspired by nature: productivity, like well-being, is stimulated and permanent exposure to these elements “naturally” has a positive effect on the mind.

Of course it’s also a chance to show your side “vegetable” and its commitments for the future. Aware of this trend, Lettershop offers to create your logo in 3D in wood or plant. The first, classic but timeless, goes very well with all designs. It also creates a friendly and warm professional atmosphere. The second model is ideal to symbolize the company’s eco-responsible attitude.

Lettershop embellishes your offices by embossing your logos
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The“slow deco” is therefore fashionable. In addition to objects with a positive environmental impact, this also includes objects with a history or human impact. In that sense, craftsmanship and made in France become desirable. The advantage is also economic, because by choosing to buy better and of better quality, the durability of the products is guaranteed. Synonymous with fewer purchases in the long term.

“Dare to use materials like wood, plants, metal, neon… instead of insisting on sticking to your graphic charter! †promotes Philippe Dupuy, CEO of Lettershop.

Finally, it is interesting to combine these elements with the new trend of neurodesign. This defines design in terms of people’s psychological response to shapes, textures and colors. Here are some ways to get there:

  • Prefer round shapes than geometric shapes;
  • Prefer soft materials, namely velvet, wool or fleece;
  • Opt for light accessories.
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Lettershop, an ideal partner to beautify your offices

The logo is the first thing you notice and remember. It embodies a company’s values ​​and presents its brand image: it is undoubtedly an important part of its visual identity. But having one is not enough. It now needs to be brought out and appreciated more. The target? To stand out in this zapping society, but also to adapt to the new trends of 2022. With this in mind, Lettershop is a partner of choice, as it has decided to support companies in a creative and original way by, literally, to give embossed logos. For this, the company can count on several French talents. Note that the head office is located in Paris and the production workshop in Montpellier.

Likewise, Lettershop offers a range of products that meet all needs and adapt to all budgets. We can especially mention the logo of polystyrene foam, ideal if you are organizing an event. This decoration can be hung from the ceiling to create a relaxed atmosphere and a touch of originality. Another example is 3D embossed letters. These give off a certain charisma and significantly enhance your brand image. They can be illuminated or mirrored, for a friendlier or more modern professional atmosphere. Of course you are not alone in this decision-making. “Lettershop is the guarantee of a professional advisor who accompanies you from quotation to delivery”, explains Philippe Dupuy. He adds: “Enjoy a free 3D preview of your logo in the chosen material! †

So if you’re committed to providing an unparalleled experience for your employees or customers, as well as yourself, Lettershop’s products are a great idea. They make it possible to have a strong brand image, strong branding, offices that are as professional as they are warm and benevolent, but also a better employer brand.

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