Near Brionne. Residents invited to sort garbage to learn good habits

The mayor (right) in full motion on Wednesday, April 27 with the residents. (© Eveil Normand / AB)

President of the Syndicate for the Destruction of Household Waste in Western Eure (Sdomode), Jean-Pierre Delaporte can see at each visit to Malleville-sur-le-Bec landfill (Eure) how the practices are still far from all virtuous in sorting. “When I see the plastic dumped in the cupboards, and that should not be there …”

So when it comes to remembering good behavior, the former mayor of Fontaine-la-Soret never refuses. “I go there without hesitation on communication actions, because just by communicating we can reduce the production of waste by 40%,” he says. And we put the package on the kids. »

“Environment and wallet”

Wednesday, April 27, 2022 at Saint-Eloi-de-Fourques, after the children from the after-school center, it was the adults at the beginning of the evening who were invited to participate in an activity on sorting waste. “We are not here to give moral lessons,” Mayor Denis Szalkowski wants to say in front of the twenty residents gathered. There is nothing good on one side and bad on the other. Even my consciousness is extremely late, I realized I was not an example enough. “

It was time to remember the main principles, two years after the establishment of incentive tax for the collection of household waste (TEOMI) by the Bernay Terres de Normandie intercom, responsible for competence. With the aim of promoting responsible attitudes and reducing waste production, this new pricing can be simply summarized: The less waste there will be to collect in future rubbish bins equipped with electronic chips, the less users pay, the tax consists of both a fixed part and a variable part. “There is an environmental problem, but also in relation to your wallet,” confirms Denis Szalkowski. Therefore, it is important to sort as best as possible.

Already today, the treatment costs that Sdomode invoices the local authorities depend on the quality of the recycling.

“The more you sort, the more waste can be recycled, it’s money that goes into Sdomode’s coffers, and it has positive consequences for household waste tax and thus your taxes.”

Jean Pierre DelaportePresident of Sdomode

“Maybe we should act upstream so the food industry reduces packaging,” suggests one resident. Are you not afraid of wild deposits when you introduce the new tax? », Worries another. And soon, in 2024, it will be bio-waste (meals, especially uneaten foods) whose source sorting will be generalized with separate collection.

There is still a lot of education to be done, notes the mayor of Saint-Eloi-de-Fourques, taking as an example some recurring mistakes. “We do not put glass with plastic!” Everyone still puts cards in the yellow bins when they have to be placed in the sorting columns at the voluntary drop-off point. The packaging is good to put in the yellow bins, “but you have to take them apart and not fit them together”. And the city council member wanted to disprove a rumor, which on several occasions came back to him: “No, there is no mix of recyclable and household waste at Malleville’s waste center contrary to what I have heard! »

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In this rubbish bin is green waste and leftover food ...
In this rubbish bin is green waste and leftover food … (© Eveil Normand / AB)

From theory to practice

To make this meeting quite concrete, residents were invited to put on gloves to sort the trash cans that were taken out of the assembly hall container. And there was plenty to do, between the boxes, latex balloons, a helium bottle, cakes, a diaper, medicine, paper towels, beer bottles … In another bag, green waste was mixed with biscuits.

“All municipalities must take this type of action,” welcomes Jean-Pierre Delaporte. Saint-Eloi-de-Fourques opens the ball, I hope it’s contagious. »

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