Perpignan – Degradation of children’s games in Saint-Jacques: failure between City Hall and influencer Nasdas

The story, one of those that sometimes disrupts Perpignan’s daily life, could (almost) have gone unnoticed. Apart from the fact that it was not only captured by CCTV cameras, but also and above all immortalized by Nasdas, the influences of the Saint-Jacques district and broadcast on social networks. Arouses dismay but also annoyance with the municipality, which intends to demand accountability.

A few days ago, and this already on several occasions, the gambling facilities, which were located in place of the Betriu building (a place known for housing drug trafficking, were the subject of settlement between rival gangs, and in September the latter demolished down as part of a total renovation plan for the district, editor’s note), is subject to various deteriorations, by deterioration or even total destruction by fire.

On April 12, shortly before 3 a.m., a group of youths believed to be between 11 and 13 years old were reportedly set on fire in boxes salvaged from trash cans, destroying part of the playground floor A quarter of an hour later, it the same defendants were seen repeating their actions. On April 18, around midnight, small children this time would have attacked the swings they would have been subjected to vandalism. The next day, around 02.30, children as young as 10 years old would in turn set fire to the shelter located on the equipment. And again on April 20th. This time, however, the facts were filmed by influencer Nasdas. This kid from Saint-Jacques known for his staggering rise by posting videos on social networks making fun of life in the neighborhood, but also for distributing banknotes to the residents with revenge.

This April 20, children and teens are gathered around the toboggan that has been set on fire and from which flames escape while mothers are nearby. “Therefore, the town hall will not do anything in the neighborhood, exclaims Nasdas, who continues his video, condemns “And then you will all complain, ” then have fun with this timeless scene taken from what he christened “bitch”. And when he asks who is the author of these acts of vandalism, one of the youngest in the gang appears in front of the darling of the social networks and boldly accuses himself. “We are cold”, still awkwardly justifies a teenager in the background. “We’re bored at home!” a mother finally smiled. Before the children pee on the fire to put it out.

Mayor Louis Aliot will ask families to compensate for the damage

If the images amused Nasdas supporters, they were far from making the mayor of Perpignan smile. Louis Aliot has lodged a complaint with the police station and plans to ask the families of the young people in question to reimburse the damage, which is estimated at 15,000 euros. “These are serious acts of voluntary destruction of public property. We will go to the end so that justice can be done.”indicates the office of mayor. An investigation is underway, including the use of various elements to identify the perpetrators, indicates police services. For the recording and dissemination of images, there is no reason to raise the offense.

“It was a scream of alarm to the parents. And he filmed them and asked them to stop. We put the little ones on the line for half an hour and we asked them to write an apology letter to Nasdas”, explains Sergio from the influencers team. “It would have been hypocritical of me to only film the good sides of my neighborhood, explains Nasdas itself. I took the risk of being told that what I was doing was not right. But it created controversy because it was picked up on Twitter. With Louis Aliot, I actually feel like I’m not home anymore. I must at least bear the costs, it will be 15,000 euros more for the taxpayers ”.

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