Serge Marignan’s first novel is called Come!

Who said love stories were only good for shaking a female audience? In this romantic story, author Serge Marignan breathes a little of himself, through the character Julien in “Viens!”. To tell this romance, he chooses to rely on the editions of the authors of the books.

This story, organized in several parts, resumes the development of the male antagonist as it transcribes his various moods. These fluctuate with age as the reader comes face to face with a changing hero who matures, makes mistakes and then regrets them. In the smallest details, the reader penetrates into the daily life of the teenager from the 70s, who meets his beautiful and beloved Michèle. A novel where everyone learns at their own pace and in their own way the whims of the heart and the first sexual times. The presence of numerous quotations gives substance to the story and thus blurs the line between autobiography and letter / diary. Their use is relevant here and corresponds well to the general atmosphere of the book with the title “Came! ” During the writing process, Serge Marignan decided to orient his work towards a game of authenticity. If the reader really discovers a fiction, to what extent is it so inspired by real events? This aspect is the charm of this ambivalent book: classic in its content, original in its form.

Love leads the dance in Viens!

The main theme regarding “Came! “ is the unique perspective of the first love: its difference from subsequent relationships. The author gives a sacred character to this first union, for two characters who are adult and mature. The two antagonists got married … each on their side. And yet this “love affair” continues, which continued to haunt them. As if the page had not finally turned. Many events disturbed Julien, as we know him at different stages of his life: teenager, young, mature, older. The unexpected meeting years later changes everything. This is the beginning of the novel “Came! “ : the search for a madly in love narrator who decides to win back the heart of its beauty. To this Julien begins to write this relationship, between the years 1972 and 1977. These years are marked by the liberation of morality: “sixty-eight” are protesters, rebels who do not hesitate to proclaim their independence from a system made by old people for old people. This rebellious youth corresponds well to the French spirit seen abroad: constant strikes, never happy. Some shots have a hard tooth and are found exposed here!

Julien, a man confronted with love

Julien’s freshness is a romantic musician who never really dares to embrace this ultra-sensitive side. Finally, it is his love for Michèle that will help him confront himself. For this, they can both count on their united passion for music. In these years where they love each other more and more, both face problems related to their young age and carelessness. In addition to the excesses surrounding alcohol and tobacco, the little-documented exploration of sex and a largely absent pedagogical education on the subject seem symptomatic at present.

Once in love, always in love …

The reader discovers “Came! “ realizes that a man in love can one day remain so for the rest of his life. With age, Julien got married, but he did not give up. This melancholy-rich tale is especially for those looking for a hassle-free experience where the pursuit of lost passion can take a 180 degree turn. Thanks to an oral and accessible style, the book manages to captivate from start to finish.

Serge Marignan, a quality pen

Serge Marignan is not at his first attempt to write: author of two collections of poems on the subject of childhood and his distant memories, it seems that the passage of time is his “madeleine” by Proust. In search of this lost time, his character embarks on a quest that seems extremely difficult. Whether the reader is optimistic or pessimistic, the romance lover will find his narrative in this short and authentic novel. This melancholy and nostalgic writer manages to accurately describe every scene and every reference he uses. With this spontaneous youth tone, which he preserves more or less, Julien is constantly torn with. Where one would think that the years would prevail for his love, the fantasy of one day finding this love of youth keeps his reader in suspense until the last page.

Came! by Serge Marignan

At the beginning of their relationship, Michèle was only 15 years old – he was approaching 18. This love at first sight, which was born in Gard, resulted in a serious but fragile story. By discovering themselves, each other, they explore their bodies and their sexuality. From a carefree angle, the author manages to weave a plot across several complementary timelines, giving the impression of having followed this pair for several years, by their side.

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