she found her companion in bed with her best friend

This Monday, May 2, in the new episode of the program Married at First sight, viewers get to know a new couple. It’s a former swimmer Jauffrey and also a very athletic cosmetologist, Cindy. This young woman has not always been lucky in love. Proven with a great disappointment that she has experienced in the past. We tell you his story …

Married at First sight : the swimmer will float up to his mermaid!

Like every Monday, fans of Married at First sight was in front of their chain M6 to follow the continuation of the adventures. For Axel and Caroline, it’s definitely over after an update. The vegan has been secluded and effortless since the start of the marriage as she has no physical chemistry. However, she did not have the courage to put an end to their relationship. So it was Axel who took the lead. When he was to present his dogs to him, he withdrew. In fact, the band seems to be more about friendship than love. Thus, they removed their alliances together to “remain friends”. Internet users have praised the young bearded man’s exemplary behavior in contrast to Caroline, who has taken the anger of the internet since the beginning of Married at First sight.

Regarding Pauline and Damien, they have some car problems, but we do not know more. Were they still able to take their wedding photos? For Emilie and Frédérick, there was a really good atmosphere during their wedding night under the sign of Zouk! The mood is not so warm on Eddy and Jennifer’s side. They are actually ready to get married, but the stress is there. Won’t that ruin their union? By the way, we did not see Alicia and Bruno, but instead the audience discovered a new couple Married at First sight.

A swimmer with a boxer

Fans of Married at First sight discovered Jauffrey. He is a handsome bearded man who lives in Marseille and who has competed in French swimming. Thus, he knows the greatest swimmers in this environment, such as Florent Manaudou and Frédérick Bousquet, who are very close friends. In addition, they will definitely be attending the wedding. The young man is almost forty years old and he dreams of settling down with a woman and starting a family. He is currently a swimming coach for children. Does chemistry work with Cindy?

Married at First sight: Cindy has had many love problems!

Since Jauffrey has not found love, he has again focused on his friends, whom he considers his family. When Estelle Dossin contacted him to tell him the good news, he was well surrounded by his friends. In fact, he has 76% compatibility with Cindy, a 33-year-old young woman living in Grasse. Her love life has not been easy … “In my romantic relationship, I was so wrong … I really never fell for good boys. It was disaster after disaster.”she confessed to the chain’s cameras M6 at the time of publication of his portrait in Married at First sight.

The beautiful young woman also added: “I had a relationship with someone who forgot to tell me they were in a relationship. In another relationship, I found my boyfriend with his best friend in our apartment … in my bedroom. I really do not know how to find someone who is good to me “, she explained … Actually shocked to discover the betrayal between her boyfriend and her best friend! An experience she would have done well without, and which caused her to lose confidence in herself. But with her in the boxing ring, she has recovered well.

In any case, next week we will discover the first meeting between Eddy and Jennifer Married at First sight, as well as outfit fittings for Jauffrey and Cindy. What will be the beauty expert’s surprise when she will discover all the swimming gratin at her wedding!

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