The NBA launches its NFTs: how American basketball aims at cryptocurrency

NFTs back on the field – The NBA and basketball certainly seem very happy Bitcoinfrom crypto tower and now NFTs. The National Association of American Basketball has just formalized the release of its latest initiative linked to Web3 on the occasion of playoffs. The collection is called NBAxNFT and is positioned as ” the official Web3 home base for the NBA “.

The sports community, a forerunner of cryptoadoption

After making a sensational debut in the crypto-initiated society, NFTs are increasingly occupying the more common media space. Whether it is to monopolize a part of summen and surf the wave as some might call “mode”, or to provide a real user experience, the initiatives are legion. Every day, every week now has its share of NFT news. All do it, starting with large American groups.

The recent transition from “Facebook” to “Meta” is a perfect example. All major international corporations want their place in the metaverse. In addition to companies that specialize in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, there are also “pioneers” of a new kind. The most recently signed up as McDonald’s, Victoria’s secret Where Ralph Lauren are not particularly innovative at the technical level, but it is large international groups (followed by a large fan base) that now cover these topics.

The American basketball community is a fan of cryptocurrencies and NFTs

Although the sharpest crypto-brain can judge that these companies are simply taking advantage of a “hype” of a new product to showcase, they still bring a significant spotlight on the NFT scene. What’s better than one of the most watched contests in the United States to continue promoting it?

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In short, the four knights of the apocalypse. These expressions, which have been recurring insistent for several months, characterizethe ambition of this collection. In any case, this is how the NBAxNFT Twitter account introduced the project to fans.

The NBAxNFT twitter account formalizes the launch of its collection of non-fungible tokens.

“We have everything at the crossroads between basketball and Web3, including NFTs, games and Metaverse. »

NBAxNFT Twitter account

Just that. In addition to this spearhead of keywords marinated in crypto sauce, the NBAxNFT initiative is so far only a Twitter account and a discord server. But the partnerships come and goNBA Top Shot app developed by the highly respected Dapper Labs, seems to hold an honor, though nothing has been formalized since the tweet.

It’s still a safe bet that it’s going to be imitated in the NBA. For its part, the San Francisco Bay Club, Golden State Warriorsrevealed the first items in this new NFT collection (the second) with this time a small innovation.

In fact, every time the team qualifies for the next round of the playoffsIOwners will see their NFT develop visually, but also by bringing new tools and functionalities. There will be 3,000 GSW Playoff NFTs on ” mint », Divided into 12 different designs. The project also announced that there would be an auction to acquire the rarest NFT in the collection: Gold Bar Access Pass. Once in the pocket, this non-fungible token will offer its owner two tickets to a Warriors game as well as a small gold bar.

The mint price is $ 499.99, except for the individual Gold Bar version. The latter will be sold to the highest bidder, as in the first collection that the club launched. The remembrance NFT for the sixth championship title was then torn off at 285,111 Ethereum. Or the neat sum of $ 871,591 at the time that won the record for an NFT related to sports!

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