[VIDÉO] State funeral: “A player who is bigger than life”

Patrick Roy has hailed a “man larger than life”, a “hero”, which is the “living proof that we can and must dream big”. The former star goalkeeper gave a touching and emotional speech on Tuesday as he gave his friend one last greeting. The newspaper publishes its entire message highlighting the human qualities of the blonde demon.

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A young Patrick Roy, with Guy Lafleur, Gilles Courteau and Mike Bossy by his side, at a Banquet of Champions in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League.

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A young Patrick Roy, with Guy Lafleur, Gilles Courteau and Mike Bossy by his side, at a Banquet of Champions in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League.

“In the 1970s, all the young hockey players in Quebec dreamed of being a Guy Lafleur. Me, I dreamed of being a Ken Dryden to one day be able to play on the same team as Guy Lafleur. Guy was a bigger than life player if achievements and skill knew no bounds. He was the idol, the hero, the inspiration, the living proof that we can and should dream big. “

“In 1984, as I walked through the doors of the Forum, down the hallway to the locker room for my very first training with the Montreal Canadiens, I took the full measure of the hero standing in front of me: a stature, presence, charisma. Number 10 established at five minutes. […] Scared, impressed, I lived a surreal moment. Before he left, he slapped me on the pillows and said to me: hello kid, welcome to the Canadians. For that’s it, Guy Lafleur: it’s heart, deep respect and boundless generosity. He’s the guy who takes the time because he knows that for you, those few words will make all the difference. It’s his way of saying that now we’re on the same team that he’ll be there for you, even if he’s going to shoot you non-stop for the next few minutes. »

“Our most memorable match dates back to February 4, 1989, when Guy returned to the match, this time in a New York Rangers uniform. It is also his great return to the Forum. From the warm-up, the audience was wild and sang his name; a magical night, so magical that when he scored me two goals, I received an ovation! That night I saw a hero come home, reunite with his followers and receive the huge dose of love with great humility. way to put my mistakes in perspective and throw flowers at his former teammates. That night, at the Forum, we all realized how much we had missed him. “

“Years later, when he was at the Videotron Center to record a commercial, he came to greet me and took the time to chat. As he did in the locker room in 1984, it was his way of kicking an old-fashioned pillow. It was his way of taking care of his family, reminding us that even if we only pass a team, belonging, friendship and pride last well beyond a hockey season. is clear that half the population of Quebec has a picture with Guy Lafleur. “

“Because Guy is too: extraordinary generosity, openness and authenticity, deep respect for followers, this desire to give back, to be interested in others and to take the moment that makes all the difference. I can tell you that even us , the old ones, have our photo with Guy Lafleur, to encapsulate this moment where he took the time to listen to us, advise and support us, as if to remember it in the end, the team is everywhere. ”

Guy, when I go back to those memories, I realize that our relationship was like a hockey game for three important periods: as a teammate, as an opponent on the ice, and as an elder. Faced with the huge void created by your departure, I admit “I wish I had taken an extension. But I understand you’re saving it for the world above.”

“In addition to statistics, skill, and accomplishments, today we take full measure of your heritage and your heart values ​​that you have instilled in generations. Rest in peace my friend, everyone here knows that you are genuine.”

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