20 Years of Love – How Kate and William Overcame Their Bride, the Duchess’ Girlfriend’s Alleged Infidelity and Strengthened Their Marriage

Despite particularly difficult trials to deal with, Prince William and Kate have always remained united. They form a happy and harmonious family with the three children.

Marital life is not necessarily a long calm river. It may be that we face difficult trials. To overcome them, you must have the will, but also the desire to give yourself another chance.

Prince William and Kate are the perfect example. Despite the obstacles they faced, including a breakup in 2007 and rumors of the prince’s extramarital affair with his pregnant wife’s friend, they still found each other.

Experience the incredible love story of Kate and William.


The love between Kate and Prince William began several years ago, on the university benches. They both lived in St Salvator’s Hall residence. In March 2002, Kate participated in a charity fashion show in which William participated. The prince paid 200 euros for a ticket in the front row. It was sublimated by the beautiful student (Kate) who marched on the podium in a bikini and in a see-through dress.

They became friends and it quickly turned into love. But at the time, Kate was in a relationship with another man (former student of St. Andrews). She broke up with the latter for William. In April 2004, the public discovered the first ever picture of the couple in the media.

Kate had a very big influence on William. We owe him, among other things, for encouraging the prince to continue his university studies as he struggled to acclimatize to this environment.

In June 2005, the two lovers had to leave their university cocoon to get into working life. That year, they actually completed their university course by receiving their diplomas. The couple attended a festive lunch with their respective families.

Prince William kisses Kate Middleton after playing the field game during an old boys match at Eton College on March 18, 2006 in Eton, England. Ilde Source: Getty Images

In May 2006, they made their first public appearance at a royal event: the wedding of the Duchess of Cornwall’s daughter (Laura Parker Bowles) and the lingerie model, Harry Lopes. Many observers understood that Kate would definitely be a part of Prince Williams’ life.

The paparazzi made a resemblance to Princess Diana and she became the target of their lenses.


Everything seemed to be going perfectly in the best world for the two lovers, but an earthquake occurred in 2007. They announced their breakup, which created stupor and general astonishment. But what exactly happened?

After graduating from college, William enlisted in the military. At the same time, Kate worked at Jigsaw as an accessory buyer. In 2006, the first signs of excitement appeared. A royal expert claims that Prince William has confided in Prince Charles and the Queen and expressed his doubts about a future with Kate.

According to several reports, William would have been worried about the many rumors about his engagement to Kate. This pressure would have forced him to cancel his New Year’s plans to spend with Kate and her family (Middleton). This last-minute withdrawal had strongly dissatisfied with Kate.

Their relationship gradually deteriorated. In April 2007, they had a heated argument over the phone, which sealed their breach.

Each of them tried to resume their lives on their own, and the public feared that their breakup was final. Fortunately, it was short, thanks to jockey Sam Waley-Cohen.

Despite this delicate situation, Kate’s friend Sam Waley-Cohen decided to invite them both to his “Freakin ‘Naughty Theme Party” which took place in the family’s mansion in Oxfordshire. It was during this event that he “forced” them into dialogue.

Thanks to this crucial intervention and the contribution of several other people, Kate and William found themselves together again.


The couple had to overcome another difficult ordeal: rumors of the prince’s infidelity with Kate’s best friend.

Rose Hanbury, as she is, is the marchioness of Cholmondeley; she obtained this title after her marriage to David Rocksavage (the 7th Marquis of Cholmondeley). She was connected with the royal family on many levels. Rose was one of Kate’s best friends.

On the other hand, his grandmother Lady Elizabeth Lambert was one of the bridesmaids at the wedding between Elizabeth II and Prince William. Rose Hanbury is unique in that her house in Houghton Hall was next to Kate’s (Anmer Hall). In addition, the two friends frequented the same circles, hence their close proximity.

A few years ago, rumors claimed that Prince William was Kate unfaithful to Rose Hanbury when she was expecting their 3rd child. This announcement had created a shock wave in the royal family. It has never been confirmed or denied.

However, Kate and Rose have threatened to take legal action against the media, which argued for the rumor, including the Sun.

Prince William silenced this story and asked Kate to distance herself from Rose and no longer invite her to royal events.


Kate and William have known each other for over 20 years. They had to overcome several trials that other couples would have vegetated for. Despite these hardships, love is still there.

Kate has become perfectly accustomed to royal life, and she has never been the subject of negative remarks in that direction. Her sympathy and natural class have made them one of the most photographed women on the planet.

To the public, Kate and William are the perfect royal couple, welded and united. They have always projected a positive image to the public. In their intimacy, Kate and William are ordinary lovers and perfect parents to their three children: Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte.

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