2022 love horoscope by sign

This article was published in the magazine # 39 March / April 2022
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In late April, Venus joins Jupiter and Neptune in the sign of Pisces. Neptune initiates the learning of unconditional love, but in distortion, and can create illusions where love is lived in an artificial paradise. Venus must therefore retain its principle of cohesion and not be caught in this dangerous game.

Venus represents the lover, the energy of the heart, emotions and self-esteem. Mars is the lover, the dynamic experience (more or less active) of the fulfillment of desires. Mars without Venus would lack respect for the sensitivity of others and their esteem. Venus without Mars would not dare to live up to her values, the desires of her heart. When they come together, it is like a mutual helping relationship in a couple, a mirror of their feminine and masculine energies.

In the spring, Venus leaves the influence of Pluto, which has strained us since December 2021, and brings to the surface the authenticity of our experience of love, and the desire to unite with its flame of soul. On March 6, Venus joins his lover Mars in Aquarius, then Saturn, and makes the desire for freedom concrete by confronting it with reality. It is the source of love, what has been sown in truth will be seen in the garden of the earth.

What does love have in store for you according to your sign?


In harmony with Saturn, Venus and Mars it is the moment to fulfill one’s desire for love. In May, Jupiter brings youth and abundance and offers extension to this fire sign, for a generous and confident act of its hopes, the energy to encourage them close to it and to welcome the “warrior” in itself without the need for violence.


Uranus in tension with Saturn continues to shake security, which seemed solid, blows a wind of freedom, amplified by the arrival of the northern knot, to answer the call of his soul mission, even if it means questioning love. Mercury adds clarity to the mind, to get out of habits because the calling is somewhere else. It’s time to cultivate the fertile soil of his life, a new ground for what is to come.


The space for Jupiter and Neptune creates a challenge in the experience of love, to dare to accept it without cheating, by the intelligence of the heart, to find words of love to communicate as accurately as possible. Saturn helps not to spread, to see reality in the face and to be in a relationship without lies, to realize your dream, from the end of spring. Do you want to write, exhibit, edit? Go for it !


It’s drawn on get the most positive aspects, enough to seal the projects, concretize his abundant imagination, find his joy in his home. The time has come to release a past, its emotions and feel a new energy, a new happy life in preparation, ready to light hearts and offer human warmth. Your challenge is to meet your needs, to express them


It is the most disturbed sign, egocentrism is no longer appropriate, charisma is put at the service of a conscious brotherhood. “Me” can no longer live in pride and believe in itself to be the leader. It’s time to recognize yourself as a star among the others, to realize your constellation. That’s when love will show itself. It’s time to be the dream hero for yourself, for each legend.


This is a sign that can to feel useful and to live his work with love. Beautiful aspects invite him to come out of a love where one sees oneself as a victim, in self-pity or fear. It is a matter of living with faith a deep love that is given in open communication. It’s time to take your seat, remember what is useful and wise to reap all the benefits.


With the very positive aspects of Venus, love is on its way for this sign: encounters to move forward in the exchanges, the freedom to love and be loved. Great opportunities to experience love in different areas of your life. It’s time to put your heart on the scale and work for a new world’s justice.


A beautiful intensity of love is offered by Jupiter and Neptune, an alchemy in the experience of love, to descend into its depths of the heart, where the power of ecstasy reigns. Be careful though, because the opposition from Uranus, North Node and Mercury demands that you stay clear and dare to live by the revelations and strength of your inner Phoenix for the benefit of all.


The tense aspects of Jupiter and Neptune invite you to come out of hidden dogmatic thoughts, to rediscover faith, this love that carries, but without pride. It is a matter of pointing his arrow in a good direction of life. There are opportunities for healing through love. Patiencesomething prepares for the best, from the end of May everything is possible.


It is the most moving sign of Pluto for several years and still for 2 years! Venus is much tested there, but the shell is ready to give in. It is time to release that which holds the energy of love and being. Jupiter and Neptune help with the feeling of powerful faith and subtle energy. Uranus and the North Knot bring new insights to ascension in the light of the integrity and truth of one’s Being.


It’s the character who receives the couple Venus and Mars in the spring. Saturn the ancient sage, square on his planet Uranus, presses on to live love in a concrete service to the world, without crisis, except inner, to find his mate there and thus be able to welcome a mature relationship, deep in emotion, in life free in its singularity, concrete and not only in the ideal.

The fish

These are the most preferred characters of the year, Neptune illuminates the waves of emotions, waves to the soul. The union with Jupiter and Venus in mid-April, the three feminine planets of individual and universal love, invites benevolence to a beautiful spiritual adventure, a romantic, even consecrated love. Uranus and the North Knot require an experience of love with a capital A.

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