Australia Zoo launches NFT project to help protect wildlife

Home to renowned crocodile hunter Steve Irwin, Australia Zoo has announced its entry into digital art and Web3 with the launch of its NFT project ‘Wildlife Warriors’.

Use of NFTs to protect wildlife

The zoo is owned by the family of “crocodile hunter” Steve Irwin, who died in 2006. Irwin was an iconic and outspoken wildlife expert, conservationist and television personality. His son, Robert Irwin, commented on the development and said:

At Australia Zoo, we are always open to new ways to advance our mission of ” Wildlife Warriors ”. Any innovation that can help our conservation efforts, especially if it shares our vision of protecting the planet, is one we are happy to support. This green channel and new technology give us a new way to continue fighting for the protection of our wildlife and wildlife.. »

These NFTs are available worldwide and can be purchased with fiat upgrade via MoonPay. This will allow customers to purchase cryptocurrency directly from the bespoke online store, simplifying the process and making NFTs accessible to all. We have already addressed this type of initiative in this article, dedicated to the use of NFTs for charitable purposes. To move forward, you can also discover the Lemonade project, which uses blockchain to secure those left behind by the climate crisis.

With this collection of unique, randomly generated NFTs, the zoo intends to continue the mission of the deceased crocodile hunter with a focus on raising awareness and means of protecting Australia’s wildlife and wildlife. It also celebrates the 20th anniversary of Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Warriors.


A project about a green blockchain

The series was created on Algorand, the world’s first carbon negative blockchain with 0.01 gas and transaction fees (transaction fees are converted to carbon compensation).

It is being launched in partnership with Meadow Labs, an Australian tech startup whose aim is to create the most important digital gathering experiences by activating ubiquitous brands in the NFT arena. The rare NFT project will consist of a series of releases, each dedicated to a different animal thanAustralia Zoo Wildlife Warriors. NFTs will be randomly generated, non-deterministic, user-driven and 100% unique to the buyer (no duplicates).

Meadow Labs co-founder and CEO Martin Kelly said, “We are excited to partner with Australia Zoo on their first entry into Web3 and their mission to fight for the world’s wildlife, one NFT at a time. It’s a great example of what innovative brands can achieve when they open up the endless possibilities that Web3 has to offer. This is only the beginning of a long-term partnership to create an “NFT for Good” movement based on securing a sustainable future for all.»

This type of project makes it possible to show the different uses of NFTs and the strength of the crypto community. In fact, ecological and animal causes are at the heart of many projects, and blockchains like Algorand always do their utmost to support them and offer technology that is as green as possible.

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