Companies, find out how to invest thanks to Coinhouse with a profitability of up to 5%

More and more companies are turning to cryptocurrencies to diversify their business and make more profits. The French company Coinhouse specializes in this area by becoming the first European crypto bank. With personal support from professionals and the promise of profitability of up to 5%, Coinhouse is the answer for companies looking to invest in cryptocurrencies.

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Hardly a day goes by without hearing about cryptocurrency. NFT, Bitcoin, ETH, more and more companies are interested in this phenomenon to diversify their assets and create more and more profits. But crypto is a complex universe with its own codes and special jargon. For companies looking to invest in cryptocurrencies, it is important to get help and guidance from professionals. That’s why Coinhouse exists. The French company founded in 2015 is today the first European crypto bank with a turnover multiplied by six in just one year. A success in part because of its range of services offered to professionals with a dedicated advisor for each business.

To grow corporate cryptocurrencies, Coinhouse takes care of everything thanks to its piloted management

Cryptocurrency at the heart of business strategy

What sets Coinhouse apart from its competitors is without a doubt its personal support and the quality of the services offered. One of Coinhouse’s flagship services is Managed Management, ideal for companies with little knowledge of the crypto world.

With Piloted Management, the company delegates the management of the crypto portfolio to Coinhouse experts for management tailored to the investor’s profile. The company decides on the crypto investment strategy, Coinhouse takes care of the rest. Daily monitoring and the promise of an investment strategy that meets your wishes and put into practice by industry experts.

Coinhouse: with Crypto Passbook, the promise of an interest rate of 5%

With Coinhouse you will never be alone thanks to personal support

With Crypto Passbook, Coinhouse gives companies a fixed interest rate of 5% over three months. This will allow companies to optimize their crypto savings and benefit from higher returns than traditional products, while limiting the risk of volatility in the crypto markets thanks to stack coins. A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency whose price remains close to a reference value such as the dollar or the euro. This means that market fluctuations will not affect the value of your cryptocurrencies.

To guarantee this 5% interest rate, Coinhouse relies on three principles:

  • Identification of good investment instruments

Coinhouse experts will choose the most profitable cryptocurrencies to best optimize corporate cryptocurrencies

  • Distribution of funds on several supports

The diversification of investment instruments will reduce the risk of capital loss.

  • Arbitration proceedings are conducted every month

Coinhouse optimizes crypto allocations every month and updates the available supports quarterly. The goal is always to be positioned on the best returns to achieve this 5% interest rate.

Quality and personal support, the ability to delegate the entire process, an interest rate of 5%, these are all reasons that make Coinhouse the ideal partner for companies looking to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Experience Coinhouse

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