Married to Patricia, 30 years younger, Gérard Jugnot accused of looking like “his grandfather”

Although Gérard Jugnot is a famous personality, he has always been very discreet about his privacy. If the actor had previously dated Cécile Magnan and Saïda Jawad, it is now with Patricia Campi that he spins the perfect love.

It was in 2016 that the successful actor decided to bond with the lawyer from the City Hall of Marseille. Since then he has been in heaven. Except that in the eyes of many people, their romance does not seem very obvious given the age difference that exists between the two lovers.


Gérard Jugnot knew women throughout his life, including Cécile Magnan. After living together for several years, the actress had a son with her, born in 1980. However, the couple never married.

Gérard Jugnot watches the premiere of “Ducobu 3” at the Grand Rex. | Photo: Getty Images

However, this did not stop them from living a beautiful romance until in 2003 the couple separated. It was then in the arms of actress Saïda Jawal that Arthur’s father fell in love.

Alas, there was no marriage between them either. In fact, the only woman Gérard Jugnot said or for life with is Patricia Campi, whom he married at the age of 65.

Nevertheless, the actor remained on good terms with his former companions. This was especially the case with the cinema and theater costume designer, Cécile Magnan.

Gérard Jugnot watches the premiere of “Quand On Crie au Loup”. | Photo: Getty Images

The proof? Even years after their breakup, in 2005, the two continued to work together, as on the set of the movie “Les bronzés 3”.

But if the famous actor remained close to his former spouse, his relationship with their son Arthur is different. To be more precise, it has not always been easy between the two men that the French producer trusted during an interview.

Gérard Jugnot attends the opening ceremony of the 25th L’Alpe d’Huez International Comedy Film Festival on January 17, 2022 in Alpe d’Huez, France. | Photo: Getty Images

“When Arthur was little, it was complicated, even contradictory. Probably because I’m divorced from his mother. And then I was very self-centered at my job,” he said.

he had declared before confirming: “Today we have a very strong bond that I have never had with my own father!”


One of the women who undoubtedly shaped Gérard Jugnot’s life is Saïda Jawad. He shared the actress’ life for almost ten years until she decided to leave him.

Actor and director Gérard Jugnot attends the red carpet at the closing ceremony of the 7th “Cinema And Music Of Film” Festival on June 26, 2021 in La Baule, France. | Photo: Getty Images

While of a discreet nature, the hero from “Bronzés” himself had announced the news at this point and wanted to make things clear.

“We went apart because we had reached the end of a beautiful story. And such is life. Besides, it’s her who went, and I’m not ashamed to say it,”

he said in an interview.

Although the two never married, the actress made it clear, however, that he was very fond of her. That is why the two actors, despite the pain that the separation inflicted on them, left them on good terms.

But why did Saïda Jawad end their story? The answer is simple. She just wanted to be free, as she said in an interview she did after leaving Arthur Jugnot’s father.

“I’m 41 years old and this need to be a mother has always been in me. So I decided to find my freedom as a woman, my freedom as an actress, with the desire to start a family”,

she had trusted, at the time.

Gerard Jugnot participates in the 25th L’Alpe d’Huez International Comedy Film Festival – third day, January 19, 2022 in Alpe d’Huez, France. | Photo: Getty Images

Since this break, each leads his life on his side. And for him, Gérard Jugnot did not wait long to find his soulmate, for the same year, in 2014, he began a relationship with Patricia Campi, 30 years younger than him.


It was on June 26, 2016 that Gérard Jugnot and Patricia Campi bonded during a ceremony held at Porquerolles in Var. A region very close to Patricia’s heart.

Actor and director Gérard Jugnot participates in the “Master Class of Gérard Jugnot” during the 7th “Cinema and Film Music” Festival – fourth day, June 26, 2021 in La Baule, France. | Photo: Getty Images

The couple has since become inseparable. Moreover, when given the opportunity, the two dwarf parrots never fail to appear together on the red carpet, demonstrating their beautiful participation.

The two lovers, however, probably would not have married if the actor’s son, Arthur, had not intervened. When he saw his father alone, the actor did not hesitate to approve his marriage to the woman of his life.

Gérard Jugnot and his wife Patricia Campi participate in the Haute Couture show for spring and summer 2018. | Photo: Getty Images

Moreover, the screenwriter, who celebrated his 71st birthday on May 4, 2022, had confided in this subject.

“Older marriage, happy marriage. I had presented the idea to my son, who said to me, ‘You never did that shit, go for it!’ I took his advice and I’m very happy about it. “

he trusted at the time.

Gérard Jugnot and Patricia Campi participate in a tribute to Bertrand Tavernier during the 13th Lumière Film Festival on October 10, 2021 in Lyon, France. | Photo: Getty Images


It must be said that Gérard Jugnot and Patricia Campi are very much in love with each other. After all, they fought to the last for their relationship and always showed the world that love has no age.

That is why, even after six years of relationship, the couple is still living a beautiful romance worthy of an adventure.

Moreover, the successful screenwriter does not care about people’s judgments and criticisms, and does not hesitate to appear in public with the woman in her life and prove how much they love each other.

Gérard Jugnot (L) and his wife Patricia Campi are attending the opening ceremony of the 9th Lumière In Lyon Film Festival on October 14, 2017 in Lyon, France. | Photo: Getty Images

This was especially the case during the eighth climb of the stairs to the Cannes Film Festival in May 2017, where the actor held the hand of his wife on the red carpet.

Clearly, the couple seemed to enjoy the chance to attend this great event together. At any rate, Gérard Jugnot, very fond of the lawyer’s arms, showed himself smiling at the apartment.

A moment that apparently did not go unnoticed by internet users, many of whom did not fail to criticize the actor.

Gérard Jugnot and his wife Patricia Campi are attending the Alzheimer’s Disease Charity Gala at Salle Pleyel on February 12, 2018 in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images

“They all like the very young, even though they look like their grandparents. It’s the power of money,”

commented on a user if someone else specifically said:

“Do not be hypocritical … I love Jugnot …. but hey, if a super young girl goes with him … it’s not for his looks !!”.

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