“My character can be your neighbor”: Maxence Tual from the series “Platonic” confides

OCS Signature, the French series factory in the OCS chain, continues its merry path. After Young and Golri and Hastag Boomer recently, tricolor kindergarten offers us platonic, a short series in official competition at Canneseries. The series is created by Camille Rosset and Elie Girard and tells the clumsy adventures of Yann (Maxence Tual) and Elsa (Camille Rutherford). The two friends leave their respective spouses to settle down in friendship, of course … As a 35-year-old, the two best friends find themselves in a roommate. A good look back? Yes, even weeks. Because the odd weeks … their kids arrive. Met on the sidelines of Canneseries, Maxence Tual, which we have already seen on the poster of selfie and Antoinette in the Cevenneslooking back on this somewhat atypical project.

It is a very current project, platonic

I really liked the very accurate psychological portrait and the nudity in the psychological meaning of my character. I also liked the physical nudity as my character, a Catholic full of principles, morally modest and a little lost erotic, suddenly sees it in the action and in the search for sexual pleasure and its own truth. This mix of sentimental comedy, manners and something very raw sexual I really liked.

Especially since your partner, Camille Rutherford, is the opposite of you …

There is the chemistry in this relationship, which on paper is not necessarily obvious. There is a real bond because they are so different. The series produces lots of interesting situations.

Is the character distant from you?

I have a Christian education but I am very atheist. Like him, I have a side very close to nature, green, but I am more cynical, more ironic, darker. I like to improvise a lot, whereas Yann, my character, is very naive. I understand it almost better by watching it than by trying to play it. But we have things in common, we are both fathers, I am also separated, I understand some of his situations. I like its singularity, its poetry. He is both a stranger and yet so familiar because he can be our neighbor.

The series is also about the search for itself. With the health crisis, many wanted to do something different with their lives …

I received the project during my imprisonment and it had that effect on me. I wanted to live this kind of adventure, challenges. There is something enjoyable about playing someone who instinctively opens a blank page without thinking about what the next thing is. We want to connect with people who are trying something new, who are experiencing something, and who are thereby discovering themselves. We go a little head over heels in spite of what we can tell them. There is a very thin line between love, friendship, desire, parenting. They form a strange family without really being aware of it.

It’s a very French series in what it shows French 30-somethings?

Yes, there are codes that we know, things that we encounter daily in France. The characters are very French. There’s some kind of catholic left without really being that, my character is bobo without being that, he’s not from a bourgeois background, we do not really know. He speaks to everyone, but he is not the stereotype of a particular caste. It’s actually a puzzle.

It is often said that a short series is a laboratory of ideas. What do you think?

It’s a steady pace despite fairly long scenes and sequences. We did not want to settle down in a comic rhythm, but rather in a sentimental comedy with exchange. We wanted to do something touching by watching them face the trials of life.

You come from the theater and are playing right now in Paris. How do you experience the return to this almost normality, this resumption of live performance?

I was a teacher until I was 33, and then I did a lot of theater with the company Les Chiens de Navarre, with which I made eight plays in 8 years. We shot a lot, but I started to get frustrated because I had to say no to filming or TV movie projects. I needed to get away, and finally the confinement helped me. Still, I missed the scene. Rediscover the joy of the stage, of the public … it’s perfect. Cinema is a team, design and scenography. But theater is a physical pleasure. We share an exchange with the public that is unique. The pleasure of playing is not the same.

platonicthis Thursday night at 20.40 at OCS Max.

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