[Street] RST Pro Series Airbag Suit: Two New Colors for the 2022 Season

For this new season, RST, the English brand inextricably linked to the Tourist Trophy, offers two new colors for its flagship suit. The Pro Series Airbag, which has enjoyed great success with amateur and experienced pilots since its launch last year, has found its place on European circuits with its integrated wireless Airbag technology and price as its arguments!

For the spring, a new graphic design will be available in two versions in the Bihr 2022 catalog. A camouflage graphic in fluorescent or red in the opposite of conventional designs with the sole aim of excite the sporty fiber of occasional pilots and motoring enthusiasts .

About the Pro Series Airbag suit, RST benefits from a real experience in the sports and racing segment through a long association with the Tourist Trophy, both on the driver’s side and on the organizer’s side. For the first, RST equips a good number of drivers in the different categories, for the second, the brand has been the official safety partner of the event for years.

To herald the new collection, RST is offering the Pro Series Airbag suit which includes Airbag equipment compatible with In&Motion wireless technology. It finds its place in the Bihr catalog as safety equipment for occasional pilots and driving enthusiasts. Less exclusive than the V4.1 suit, it presents itself as an alternative for those seeking CE-certified Class AAA combined equipment with an integrated airbag.

The team in charge of development consists of passionate motorcyclists who participate in high-level motorcycle competitions, they take pride in ensuring that the products supplied to customers meet their specifications. The Pro Series Airbag Suit is one such example, made from high quality pieces of cowhide leather – 1.1-1.3mm thick full grain, some of which are padded for extra strength in drop cases and other perforated elements to protect the promote air circulation in the equipment.

For comfort and convenience, in addition to the various stretch zones, neoprene inserts have been applied to the wrists, ankles and neck, thus contributing to the overall comfort in use. The bovine leather used to make the equipment is of superior quality. Flexible and resistant, it is also used to create stretch sections (four directions) to provide amplitude in the movements of the arms and legs, both on and off the motorcycle. They are designed to stretch to accompany the deployment of the internal airbag when deployed, thus increasing interior volume without compressing the pilot. To complete this build, stretch zones extend down the body, on each side to the arms and upper chest.

All standard protection elements are present. A Kevlar insert in the equipment protects against overheating when slipping the buttocks – coccyx. While the inside of the knees get a rubber DuPont™ Kevlar® application to increase the grip on the tank. The inside of the suit has a fixed Quick Dry type 3D mesh lining that dries quickly, moisture is transported faster during use thanks to the ventilated leather panels on the chest, inner thighs and back.

In terms of protection, the Pro Series Airbag model benefits from a set of homologated protections that meet current European standards on the shoulders, elbows, knees and hips. In addition, external TPU reinforcements on the shoulders and elbows improve shock absorption and abrasion resistance and help enhance the sporty look of the suit.

Sizes: XS to 3XL

Price: €1099.95 suggested retail price

Contact – www.mybihr.com

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