What does the future hold for crypto-adoption in a crypto-skeptical France?

As the presidential election of 2022 approached, France’s leading candidates largely ignored the question of what role cryptocurrencies would play in France’s future. But already now we really see that the future is in the blockchain.

According to a recent survey, 30% of respondents said they plan to invest in cryptocurrencies. Which is already encouraging and evolving. What does the future really hold for the adoption of cryptocurrencies in a nation that has been very skeptical of them? Let’s see this in the sections of this article.


Source: Statista

The prospects for the adoption of cryptocurrency

Today, cryptocurrency is a digital currency known by all because of the momentum it has taken on the economic market of the world. In France, almost 77% of the French population has already heard of cryptocurrencies at least once. Although many French citizens are crypto-skeptics, almost 8% of French people have already started investing in cryptocurrencies.

The introduction of cryptocurrencies may increase the number of French people wishing to invest in cryptocurrencies after realizing the benefits they could gain from it. We estimate that their number may increase by at least 30% in the coming months. We also estimate that by the end of 2022, almost 12% of French citizens will own cryptocurrencies.

In fact, given the rise in cryptocurrencies, it is clear that these adoption prospects will have a lasting impact on France’s traditional banks. Today, for example. every fifth Frenchman ready to change bank just to be more “crypto-friendly”. The introduction of cryptocurrencies in France will affect people under the age of 35 much more.

We have found that those who want to invest in cryptocurrencies in France are turning much more towards ether and ether, both of which are electronic currencies.


Source: Statista

The adoption of blockchain technology to contribute to the adoption of cryptocurrencies in France

This technology will make it possible to carry out financial activities related to cryptocurrency in France. In time, the French will be able to see the potential of this technology in terms of efficiency and public confidence. Blockchain technology can be used by all companies in France and at the same time promotes everyone’s views on cryptocurrencies in France. Note that this technology has been adopted by many countries in the past.

In this context, Maxim Manturov, Head of Investment Advisory at Freedom Finance Europe, states: “In the event of a geopolitical crisis, one of the key benefits of digital assets is that they allow liquidity to flow rapidly around the world. The next global growth engine for BTC could be the forthcoming approval of a spot ETF.This would allow large funds to start buying bitcoin themselves rather than derivatives.The key is to choose a good.promising project and to allocate capital sensibly.F. eg Turkey, where inflation has reached its highest level in almost 20 years, with 36% in 2021, and where the national currency has lost almost half of its value against the dollar, the number of people owning cryptocurrencies has doubled in a year, and almost every fifth adult owns them now.

In an interview with CNBC, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen spoke about the importance of digital assets in US investment decisions. The cryptocurrency market will continue to grow strongly in 2022, so it’s worth investing in, and the crisis is just an opportunity for the entire cryptocurrency industry. “

Blockchain and cryptocurrency will be the most in-demand skills in France

In fact, this year it is certain that blockchain and cryptocurrency are the most popular in France. We make this statement because blockchain and cryptocurrencies occupy a large place in all sectors because of their growing importance. Some French crypto-skeptics will come to adopt cryptocurrencies thanks to their popularity and their growing potential in the financial field. Thus, during the year 2022, it will be possible to feel a great demand for competencies within Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies are so popular that it would not be surprising if the French government and large corporations decide to allow the use of cryptocurrencies throughout national territory. With blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the living conditions of French citizens and the building of more resilient organizations will be improved.

Therefore, companies and the French government have to adopt cryptocurrencies to take advantage of many benefits to which they were not previously entitled. In the future, there will certainly be fewer crypto-skeptics in France after French citizens have been able to enjoy the full potential of cryptocurrencies. They just need experts in blockchain and especially in cryptocurrencies so that they can quickly reach their business goals.

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