Alessandra Sublet leaves “Mask Singer” to join Cyril Hanouna? This crazy suggestion

Alessandra Sublet has just stated that she is definitely quitting her job as an animator. On this occasion, Cyril Hanouna revealed a proposal he made to her.

Fans of Alessandra Sublet will have to comfort themselves. The beautiful brunette will no longer be one of Mask Singer’s leading faces. The jury member of the TF1 show returns her apron. However, the former host of Love is in the Meadow was much appreciated. From the public as well as from the TV world.

Cyril Hanouna also tried to recruit her on C8 five years ago. This Friday, April 8, 2022, he revealed everything on the Touche set, not on my post. I’m a little sad for her because I love her as a host. I think it really is one of the best and I love it humanly too.“, thus began the father of Bianca and Lina.

This time it’s final. »

And to specify: I hope she will make fiction … and that she will soon join us in the group to make animation. So I call him. Alessandra, if you look at me, the door is open in the group Canal + for you, as I’ve always told you … Even on the Canal, we could do things with her. », he continued indeed.

Alessandra Sublet wants to be free as air. She therefore intends to live her life as she wishes. Both professionally and privately. And this is nothing new. In May 2021, she published a book called Fuck Cinderella went out to bookstores to explain his vision of love. ” Cinderella is the incorrigible image of the perfect woman. For women as well as for men. For her, the story ends when she marries the prince. But we do not know what happens when she has children. And she’s at the end of her life. “, This bachelor reveals to our colleagues from Télé 7 Jours on the subject.

In her book, Alessandra Sublet is not afraid to mention her many love stories. There is especially his divorce from director Clément Miserez. He is the father of her two children, Charlie and Alphonse. There is also her first husband, Thomas Volpi, with whom she shares custody of a dog.

Cyril Hanouna’s incredible proposal!

I had four good years with my ex-husband, and breaking up was the best thing we’ve ever done. We have an extraordinary relationship and share custody of Max, the dog that neither of us was ready to give up! I think it’s better to be apart before having childrenShe confided in the 2010 Paris Match.

And recently, she formalized her breakup with Jordan Deguen. She will have lived more than two years by his side. “I’m from Lyon, and for two and a half years I was with a treasure who lived in the hinterland of Cannes, and with whom I traveled in all the beautiful landscapes of this coast. I said to myself: ‘it’s here “I want to be,” she told Elle magazine.

But today she enjoys the landscape without him. ” There I must be alone. I found my balance. I’m happy, without the prince charming, but happy, ”she added. In her book, she also reveals an adventure with a tennis player. She would have gone to the other side of the earth for her beautiful eyes. “He is by no means my prince charming. I do not fall in love with it and I am not into what it is. He’s my ticket to adventure. There are opportunities in life, but most do not capture them.. , ”She reveals to her readers. Unfortunately, we do not know who it is …

Alessandra Sublet: “To TF1, it did not surprise them so much. »

What we are sure of though is that the beautiful brunette made last season of Mask Singer. A jury member in this program since 2019, this thirsty for freedom takes on new adventures. This time it’s final. […] To TF1, it did not surprise them so much. In December Ara Aprikian (head of front page programs, editor’s note) and I had a conversation. I had told him about my desire to try new adventures. When I make a choice, it’s because it’s been carefully considered. No argument could make me change my mind.“, She actually confided in our colleagues from Parisian.

The 45-year-old host is now moving towards comedy. She hopes to hit the boards soon. To be continued !

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