Booba wants to destroy Marc Blata for his various “scams”

Booba and Marc Blata tear themselves apart on the networks and often answer each other too tat. But the duke intends to annihilate the influencer and his activities or even get him arrested …

After sharing a brief friendship and revealing a few files together (especially about Gim set Dadju) on the networks, the relationship has deteriorated so much between Booba and the influencer, ex-reality TV candidate, who has not hesitated since 1 p.m. stik. The rapper, producer and overseas businessman in Miami has therefore set himself a goal: to destroy Marc Blata and reduce his activities to nothing that he, like many, considers to be fraud. Like children, they have been regularly torn apart for weeks on the networks in an attempt to discredit each other on various topics, from the luxury cars they own, from canceled concerts to the help they would have given each other when side by side. To justify themselves, each one brings evidence of what they are saying, justifies themselves in long speeches, or comes out of old files to hurt the other while calling their followers to witness. But for Kopp, the priority is to condemn the “fraudulent” activities of the one he nicknamed La Blate and his wife, Nadé, former booker of Nabilla, whom he also renamed “Le Lémurien”. Some of his accusations, and the files he revealed on Thursday, May 5 to justify himself, B2O filmed cheering in his shower by adapting Aya Nakamura’s hit Djadjain a new piece that could be called Blata : “Oh Blata, there is no way Blata, it’s almost the end Blata …”

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The evidence for his charges

After his stay in reality TV, settling in Dubai and betting on his fame to become an influencer, Marc Blata therefore focused his activities on digital and social networks. Between a few product placements, he dealt with trade, real estate and recently NFTs. Activities in which he collaborates with his wife Nadé, and whose names are sometimes mentioned in cases of fraud, which Booba is determined to condemn. After pointing out his choice to engage in social trade and gamble on the fiber of religion, Le Duc set out to demonstrate that investing in NFTs proposed by Marc Blata was fraud. And after teasing that he would present evidence of his accusationswhile the influencer wondered pwhy Booba was so much on the ribsthis Thursday, May 5, the author of DKR posted on his network audiotape showing, according to him, the abuse of the one named Marc Oceane Singainy Tevanin in civilian. In the legend of his conversations (posted on Insta and Twitter), where Marc Blata seems to reveal his intentions by getting started “crypto trading”Kopp – who mentions Cyril Hanouna to ask him to address this controversy Do not touch My TV – wonders:If you continue to give money and trust to those kind of cowards and talentless individuals… the power must be with you! ” In these audio recordings, we can hear Marc Blata explain that in NFTs he had found a new way to make money on NFT art buyers: “It’s the art of getting you screwed, it’s a price, it’s a price … and there we can keep the thing … (laughs) and it’s only when they’ve bought it that they realize , that they have been screwed … and it can be very good, you see, it can be crazy “. But the latter never stays long without reacting and has already explained that the sound emitted by Booba was shortened …

Booba’s announcements on May 5 in the order of publications:

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