“I thought ‘Plus belle la vie’ would last as long as ‘Les Feus de l’amour'”

The actor, who for eighteen years has played Thomas Marci, a central figure in the daily soap opera of France 3, is reacting to the cancellation of the series, confirmed on Thursday 5 May.

Nearly twenty years in the same character’s shoes, appeared in more than three thousand episodes, thousands of lines, hours in the living rooms of millions of French people, every night at 20.20 … and suddenly everything stops. Since the message from Figaro, last February, in the coming end of more beautiful life, until its confirmation on Thursday 5 May under the direction of France Televisions, Laurent Kerusoré hoped, and then disillusioned. He looks back on those three months of uncertainty and divides his emotions, between emotions and disappointment, when the daily newspaper France 3 disappears next November.

How did you learn to quit more beautiful life ?
The first warning goes back to the article in Figaro. But we had been predicted our death a dozen times before, and I’m optimistic, so I did not believe it. And then Newen, our producer, brought us together in early April to confirm that France Télévisions would not renew our contract. At first it was a big disappointment. more beautiful life broke all lifetime records, I naively thought the public service was proud of us, of the show role we played for it. That we would be theirs The flames of love, an infinite series. I was convinced that we should last for at least twenty years. We loved our work and Mistral so much …

What explanations did you get?
We were called to the Belle de Mai studios yesterday at 14.00 on Place du Mistral – these surroundings that have been my home all these years … – and we were told it was the end. It was hard. We should not comment on this decision, but it is stronger than me, I wrote on social networks that it was an open secret. It’s my way of witnessing some kind of discrepancy between our world, the teams, all these people who’ve been working on the series for eighteen years, and this decision falling on us from above. It’s a pretty brutal divorce for an emotional person like me who does not understand much about financial reasons …

“The authors imagine an open ending, because we do not know if ‘Plus belle la vie’ will one day, somewhere else, in another way not come back.”

Competition from other dailies such as such a great sun Where tomorrow belongs to us She was not right more beautiful life ?
There is room for everyone. Young people watch these series on their tablets whenever they want. The concept of boxing and competition at a fixed time, I no longer believe in that. TV has changed, and more beautiful life is there for something. The audience has dropped, that’s true, but our results are still good, especially in replay. I thought we were a safe bet, not a little old man approaching his death being sent to a nursing home! More seriously, I’m well aware that no program is eternal, that I should not end up as Grandpa Thomas behind his bar as a 90-year-old. But we were so good at this shoot, on this team, that I was hoping we would have more time to pack our suitcases.

How will the coming months develop?
We will work with enthusiasm, enthusiasm and love, as always, though the final sections will be touching to shoot. The stories that had been written over the next few months were thrown in the trash. The authors imagine an open ending because we do not know if one day somewhere else, in another way, more beautiful life will not return. For example, I have high hopes that we can make long episodes, in prime time, even though nothing is certain at the moment. Filming ends in September, and we’ll air a special episode that airs in the evening, with hopefully recurring old characters – the audience asks for it.

“I will always somehow be this character who has changed television and mentalities who have done so much against homophobia …”

Exactly what were his initial reactions after the cancellation notice?
There are 3.5 million fans who have been following us for almost two decades. I look at social networking moving testimonies, as long as a double copy, of children who remember hearing the credits of more beautiful life in their crib. We are part of their family. I was in the Old Harbor yesterday at noon before the announcement, and when I told people we were going to disappear, they were in despair. Some cried. This series has made them a good world. Every day she brought them a kind of security.

How do you see yourself in post-more beautiful life ?
Yesterday, when the series was announced, someone called me Thomas. I took it the wrong way. My name is Laurent. In France, we love to put people in boxes. Mine is the big sweet gay. I will always somehow be this character who has changed television and mentality, who has done so much against homophobia … I do not hope it will be a crossing of the desert and that I will find other, different roles, but I I’m afraid I will not have to work again right away. An eighteen-year routine that is coming to an end will leave a small gap in my schedule! I do not blame anyone. It does not matter. I want to stay positive as always. That’s life.

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